Jobs with Justice joins Chicago occupation (with video)

occupy chicago

For the last eleven months, Chicago Jobs with Justice has protested at the State of Illinois building to dramatize the consistently bad unemployment report issued by the US Department of Labor. Each month the demonstrations have gotten bigger. The last few months have included marches to big banks or other targets symbolic of the economic causes of the crisis.

This past Friday the action was bigger and more militant. Friday's action included a march to join the Occupy Chicago movement in front of the Chicago Board of Trade on LaSalle Street (Chicago's Wall Street).

Jobs w/ Justice Joins Occupy Chicago from Scott Marshall on Vimeo.

Photo: Scott Marshall

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  • One objective of the Occupy Wall Street should be no less than the complete dismantling of the stock exchanges and no more trading of shares in companies.

    The wealthy decry the demands to redistribute the wealth, but that is exactly what Wall Street does. For every share holder who sells at a profit, someone, somewhere had to take a loss. It is as simple as that.

    Wall Street has never produced a dime in new wealth. Only the workers who process the raw materials from the mines, farms and forests produce any added value. All the shareholders do is trade the shares among themselves. And by ensnaring the unwary who may have a little extra cash to "invest". \

    There should be no such thing as public ownership in the form of stock in private companies. But that begs the question whether or not there should be private companies to begin with.

    Posted by Ronald Humphrey, 10/12/2011 1:27pm (4 years ago)

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