NBA lockout?

It looks like the NBA is on the verge of another lockout, making it the second time ever in professional basketball history.


1,000 to be arrested at Hyatt protests in 15 cities

More than 1,000 workers across the U.S. and Canada are preparing today to stage non-violent civil disobedience actions with thousands of others backing them up at Hyatt hotels in 15 different cities.


Steel union rallies at Omnova headquarters

Twelve striking Mississippi steelworkers and over 100 supporters held a spirited rally at the corporate headquarters of Omnova Solutions in Fairlawn, Ohio, demanding  the company return to the bargaining table and negotiate a new contract.


Unemployment benefits extension clears hurdle in Senate

Millions of jobless Americans will continue to receive unemployment benefits through November after a GOP-led filibuster was finally killed today in the U.S. Senate.


Labor steps up 2010 grassroots election push

Union officials with the nation's largest labor group, the AFL-CIO, which represents about 11 million workers, say they plan to step up the pressure as the midterm 2010 election cycle approaches.


Extension of aid to jobless should pass Senate Tuesday

Democrats are expected to have the 60 votes needed to cut off a GOP filibuster against extension of unemployment benefits.

Dallas sanitation workers fight for a living wage

Civil rights activists gathered in the historic Mt Olive Lutheran Church on the morning of July 17 to help the United Laborers Union Local 100 gain support for sanitation workers

Congressional hearing held on Delphi pension issues

"Ohio is losing $58 million a year because our pensions were cut," stated Bruce Gump, president of the Delphi Salaried Retirees Committee, in testimony at a hearing of the Congressional Finances Committee in Canfield, Ohio, July 14.


Hotel workers training for civil disobedience in 15 cities

More than 1,000 cooks, dishwashers and housekeepers are training to carry out nonviolent civil disobedience on July 22 at Hyatt hotels in 15 cities across the nation.


AFT honors Filipino teachers in Louisiana

SEATTLE - The American Federation of Teachers convention here honored 300 Filipino teachers in Louisiana who fought back against an unscrupulous recruiting agency.

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