Wal-Mart makes deal with unions on Chicago stores

Wal-Mart makes a deal with Chicago unions on wages, community development fund and PLAs -- Project-Labor Agreements -- after a six-year bruising battle.


AFL-CIO president issues ringing call for immigrant rights

CLEVELAND - In a major policy statement, AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka said the denial of rights to millions of undocumented workers threatens all Americans.


In English, Chinese and Spanish, low-wage workers demand rights bill

Workers unite across language, race and neighborhood barriers for a Low Wage Workers Bill of Rights.


Congress Hotel strikers join forces for immigration reform

The Congress Hotel workers enter their seventh year on strike -- the longest in American history.


Arkansas lesson: organize the South

There was justice in organized labor's efforts to unseat Blanche Lincoln - but the real issue is the unfulfilled historic legacy of its plans to organize the South.