Letter to Washington: Don't cut deficits on backs of poor

Negotiations on deficit reductions in the past 30 years have been guided by a bipartisan agreement that the spending cuts should not increase poverty.

As Americans take desperate measures, physicians affirm support for mandate

The AMA reiterated its support for the individual mandate, the most controversial part of President Barack Obama's signature 2012 health care reform.


Video: Fighting, teaching and learning in Walkerville

What a treat to walk around and talk to the "Walkerville" citizens! Great discussions going on all the time. History, political economy, trade unionism, coalition building and many other topics fill the air.


We Are One rally targets reps who “chose CEOs over workers”

In this past legislative session Representatives Fuhr and Haefner supported Wisconsin-style attacks on working families.


An introduction to Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann supposedly showed "stagecraft" during the Republican debate, but she also has a "talent" for questionable statements and policy positions.

Banquet speakers see politics behind Islamophobia

Corey Saylor, National Government Affairs Director, described CAIR as being at the forefront of the defense of civil liberties for all Americans.

GOP panel cuts 43 education programs

The GOP-run House Education and the Workforce Committee voted 23-16 on party lines May 25 to eliminate 43 elementary and secondary education programs.


West Virginia race this fall previews 2012 challenges

On the biggest economic issues of the national 2012 elections, the Democratic candidate for governor will be an ally for working class West Virginians, but a weak one.


Rebellion grows against Kasich

With a petition drive to repeal his union-busting law in full swing, Ohio Gov. John Kasich faces growing isolation and sharply declining support.