Future still far from rosy as Greek leader gets his vote of confidence

The only thing that is certain is that Greek workers will take a hit and there will be intensified class struggle in the months to come.


Good jobs tour kicks off in Minneapolis

The Wesley Church was host to the kickoff of the Congressional Progressive Caucus's "Good Jobs" tour in the Twin Cities last weekend.


Ukraine reds: still resisting despite the odds

Red flags will fly as a challenge to those in the Ukrainian parliament who have sought to impose a legal ban on symbols of the Soviet period.


Afghanistan most dangerous place for women

One in 11 women die in childbirth and 87 percent are illiterate.


World’s domestic workers win historic victory

The new rules, which must be ratified by at least two countries to come into effect, calls for national governments to ensure that discrimination is ended and that child and forced labor be abolished outright.

Cuba: U.S. anti-government payouts continue

U.S. Senator John Kerry has raised questions as to waste and corruption in distributing U.S. funds to anti-government groups in Cuba.

Nicaraguan economic trends are positive

Nationally, unemployment dropped from 8.2 percent in January 2010 to the present 6.8 percent, with 325,000 new jobs created.

50,000 Canadian postal workers locked out

The company cited $100 million in losses the strike has caused and the union's refusal to cooperate in dealing with declining mail volumes.

Iran: Turmoil at the top

There is a struggle between Ahmadinejad and the clerics around Khamenei, but, while it may play out in arguments over obscure religious issues, the fight is over political and economic power.

Political prisoner dies in Iran jail

Another victim of the Iranian regime's brutal repression, hunger striking political prisoner Hoda Saber, has died in jail.

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