Labor News

Snapshots from the picket line

NEW HAVEN – Nearly 5,000 workers are back on the job and negotiations have resumed at Yale University after a history-making five-day strike.

Labor leader wins Los Angeles Council seat

LOS ANGELES – Former Speaker of the State Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa made history on March 4 when he won an East Los Angeles seat in the 14th council district of the nation’s second largest city.

Hotel workers fired for organizing

DETROIT – “We all signed union cards, the whole department. I thought if we stuck together, we could win. Surely they couldn’t get rid of the whole department? I was wrong,” testified Charles Hardin to the Southeast Michigan Workers’ Rights Board in Detroit on Feb. 26.

5,000 workers on strike at Yale

New Haven, Conn. – Five thousand enthusiastic workers at Yale University including cooks, janitors, graduate student teachers, secretaries and lab technicians are making history with their one-week strike.

Unions challenge Bush on war, civil liberties, economy

DEARBORN, Mich. – Almost 200 union activists filled United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 600’s hall to hear union leaders speak out against Bush’s war on Iraq. The panel included many leaders of union locals, leaders of the Michigan labor movement and leaders of international unions. It was moderated by Julie Hurwitz of the National Lawyers’ Guild.

Yale workers set to strike

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Over 5,000 Yale workers are set to strike March 3. That day, they will be joined by a community march and rally led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. The one-week strike may be the first time that graduate student teachers and researchers will join service, maintenance, clerical, technical and health care workers in a simultaneous job action. The different groups of workers share an understanding that they can achieve their goals only if all work together.

AFL-CIO gears up to dump Bush in 2004

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – In their first meeting since the 2002 elections gave Republicans control of both Houses of Congress, members of the AFL-CIO Executive Council announced a two-year campaign to “put political power back in the hands of working people” by defeating George W. Bush in the 2004 elections.

Uniform justice campaign targets Cintas

BRANFORD, Conn. – When workers at the Cintas uniform plant here began organizing several weeks ago, the company responded with illegal surveillance and pink slips for union supporters. The workers, many new immigrants, are among 17,000 being organized at 300 Cintas plants in the U.S. and Canada.

British MP speaks to labor

SAN FRANCISCO – The featured speaker at a labor breakfast at San Francisco’s longshore union hall was British Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn, Feb. 17. A former public workers union leader, Corbyn is now a steering committee member of the Stop the War Coalition and a leader among Labor Party MPs opposing a war on Iraq. He spoke at the two million-strong demonstration in London as well as at Sunday’s San Francisco action.

Federal mediation demanded in Azteca strike

CHICAGO – Elected officials, trade union and community leaders joined striking workers here Feb. 3 to demand Azteca Foods accept federal mediation to end a four-month strike.

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