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Northwest strikers to vote

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The 14-month strike by 4,000 mechanics, cleaners and custodians at Northwest Airlines may end within 30 days if a majority of the workers, represented by the independent Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, ratify a tentative agreement.

Teacher-student strike wave sweeps Greece

ATHENS, Greece — The nationwide public school system here has been virtually shut down as preschool and primary school teachers enter the fourth week of their strike, high school teachers conduct two-day work stoppages, and junior and senior high school students begin coordinated takeovers of their schools.


700 unionists ring bells to knock out Santorum

PITTSBURGH — Laughter, cheers and applause filled the Steelworkers union headquarters here, Oct. 7, when Allegheny County Labor Council President Jack Shea introduced steelworkers who had forced Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to flee into a subway closet the day before.


While remembering 9/11, dont forget the workers

With media reports about the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and report cards on “homeland security,” President Bush is seeking to win back the mantle of great protector of the American people that has served him so well in past elections.


TAKE BACK OHIO moves to high gear

CLEVELAND — “We’ve swung into high gear,” said Harriet Applegate, Cleveland area coordinator for Take Back Ohio, the effort by organized labor to oust key right-wing Republicans and elect pro-working-family Democratic candidates for governor, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

Unions demand: Release Colombian labor lawyer

Public Services International, a trade union federation of 640 public sector unions in 155 countries, including the U.S., demanded the release of Dr. Alberto Carvajal Salcedo, 70, a Colombian labor and human rights lawyer imprisoned recently

Living wage fight not over

CHICAGO — Although the City Council failed to overturn Mayor Richard Daley’s veto of the Big Box Living Wage Ordinance, supporters of the measure say the battle will continue.


Joe Lieberman no friend of working people

It is complete hypocrisy for Joe Lieberman to claim that he is above “partisan politics.” Quite the opposite: Lieberman has been a consistent enabler for the partisan politics of George W. Bush, against the interests of the people. The price has been high for the country and for Connecticut’s working families.

Dont lie to us

Management has been holding birthday parties all over the hospital. They’ve improved pensions. They’re even raising wages. For the most part, people realize that this is all because of the union drive.


Hotel workers celebrate new pact

SAN FRANCISCO — Celebration was in the air as union members gathered with Unite Here Local 2 President Mike Casey at the local’s headquarters Sept. 13 to announce a tentative agreement in their two-year contract struggle with 13 of the city’s largest hotels. A ratification vote is set for Sept. 22.

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