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Union split: sliced bread vs. the box

For the past year there has been a widening split within the ranks of American organized labor, and this split risks hardening as the new Change to Win (CTW) coalition increasingly takes on the complexion of a rival labor federation.

Exposing the myths: Why Wal-Mart can pay a living wage

Chicago made national news the last week in July when it became the largest city in the country to set minimum wage and benefit standards for retail workers. Many lies and myths have been perpetrated about the wage law. Principal sponsors Alderman Freddrenna Lyle, from the 6th Ward, responded to many of these myths in her speech from the floor of the City Council, as did Alderman Joe Moore from the 49th Ward. The following are abridgments of their speeches.


UE workers fight health care takeaways

TAUNTON, Mass. — When Esterline Haskon Aerospace Corp. here tried to force members of United Electrical Workers Local 204 to pay huge, up-front health care deductibles, increased co-pays, and higher premiums during contract negotiations, the workers fought back.

Union pact opens doors for city students

PHILADELPHIA — “Congratulations young people, you’re about to become union members!” said School Reform Commission chair James Nevels. The school administrator heralded a groundbreaking agreement between the school district here and unions that make up the Philadelphia Building Trades Council.


Almond workers voices travel far

OAKLAND, Calif. — The story of hundreds of workers seeking a union at a California almond processing plant is increasingly being heard around the state and around the world.


Stop playing games with minimum wage

A Republican bill that hid a huge, wolfish tax break for the wealthy inside the sheep’s clothing of an increase in the minimum wage crashed and burned in the Senate on Aug. 3.

N.J. nurses hold the line

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — The struggle by 660 striking nurses at Englewood Hospital faces a double uphill fight.

Indianapolis organizing news

AFSCME librarians vow to shelve budget cuts, SEIU janitors fight to clean up poverty wages


Hotel workers hit the bricks for fair contracts

SAN FRANCISCO — Hotel workers on both sides of San Francisco Bay took to the streets last week in their struggles for fair union contracts.

Workers signing union cards at Yale-New Haven Hospital

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — “Nobody can take away your courage,” said Carmen Boudier, president of New England 1199 SEIU, to a large audience of workers at Yale-New Haven Hospital who came to sign up for the union last week. “My brothers and sisters, we are with you,” she said. “You can do it. Stand up and fight. The community is with you!”

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