Labor News

Ohio labor runs for office

LORAIN, Ohio — One Central Labor Federation in northern Ohio has really taken the national AFL-CIO resolutions on political action to heart, at least the part that calls on union members to run for office. Four leading delegates of the Lorain County Labor Federation, just west of Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie, are running for public office. Not only are they running for office, but most are expected to be elected.

Labors flame still burns for justice

CHICAGO — August Spies told his executioners that if they went ahead with the hanging they would ignite a fire that could never be put out.


On May Day, call rings out for immigrant rights

CHICAGO — Hundreds of thousands of immigrant rights activists and supporters marched through downtown here May 1, demanding an end to raids and deportations, and calling for comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for the nation’s estimated 12 million undocumented workers.

The bell tolls again for workers

PITTSBURGH — A hand-fabricated metal chime will ring out here on April 28, Workers Memorial Day, tolling for workers killed on the job starting with two miners who died April 17 in Barton, Md.


CT stands up for health care

“Stand Up for Health Care!” may be the largest rally in Connecticut history, May 5, as residents in the state struggle with a broken health care system that has reached crisis proportions.


Big money vs. workers rights

The phenomenal rise of the multi-million-dollar union-busting industry in the U.S. has paralleled the decline in the manufacturing base, the rise of the right wing and the decline in union membership of the past 30-some years.


Black union leaders continue to make history

CHICAGO — Three seasoned Black union leaders came together recently at the home of the Rev. Addie Wyatt on this city’s South Side. Casually, the conversation turned toward the purpose of their coming together: to assess the role of unions in Black America and the leadership contributions of Black union leaders.

Privatization runs amok in NYC subway

NEW YORK CITY — Officials of the Transit Chapter of the Civil Service Technical Guild, the union representing the engineers, architects and scientists who work for the city’s transportation authority here, are decrying the anticipated May award of a construction-services contract to a private engineering firm.

Pima County workers go union

TUCSON, Ariz. — In what may be the biggest union gain in Arizona history, Pima County employees voted a whopping 94 percent in favor of union representation.

Airport service workers demand fairness

OAKLAND, Calif. — As travelers streamed into the Southwest Airlines terminal at Oakland’s International Airport April 5 they were greeted by an unusual sight — a crowd of passenger service workers and their supporters outside the terminal, demanding union rights, decent wages and affordable health care.

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