Labor News

NYC taxi drivers prepare to strike

NEW YORK — Yellow taxicab drivers here are prepared to strike if the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) continues to refuse to negotiate with them about sweeping changes they are imposing on the city’s 44,000 drivers. The TLC is mandating that all the city’s 13,000 yellow medallion taxicabs be equipped with GPS hardware.

It was murder in the mines, expert charges

Mine safety expert Jack Spadaro charges Crandall Canyon, Utah, mine owner Robert Murray with murder and the Bush administration’s Mine Safety and Health Agency (MSHA) with aiding and abetting.


Hotel workers, many immigrants, win wage gain

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — After over a year of struggle, workers at the Woodfin Suites hotel here won a big victory Aug. 27 in their struggle to be paid according to the city’s 2005 living wage law.

Labor launches drive for universal health care by 2009

High-quality health care for all Americans moved closer to reality this Labor Day with the 13-million-member AFL-CIO unveiling a major drive to achieve universal health care by 2009.

Workers of the world unite for health care, pensions and wages

On Labor Day, Sept. 3, tens of thousands of Southland union members, their families and supporters representing over 50 unions will march together on the streets of Wilmington, Calif., to honor Labor Day, and call attention to current labor disputes and issues that affect all working people in the United States.

Immigrant workers stand up and win

CHICAGO — Ten days after walking off their jobs, immigrant workers at Cygnus Corp.’s soap factory here scored a victory by being hired back without reprisals and with an increase in pay.


Fired nurses testify for patient safety

MESQUITE, Texas — A panel of community leaders here heard testimony on the health care situation in North Texas on Aug. 15. The firing of three registered nurses who stood up for patient safety in spite of the Mesquite hospital’s insistence that profits come first prompted the hearing.

Guild fights union-busting by media giant

OAKLAND, Calif. — The national media chain that now owns nearly all daily newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area said Aug. 13 it was withdrawing recognition of the union representing newsroom employees.

Fury and grief in Utah mining town

The same day that Jocka Jones laid to rest her brother, who was killed trying to rescue six trapped Utah miners, officials of the Crandall Canyon Mine said it would soon be back in business. Choking back tears during a phone interview Aug. 22, Jones said her brother, Dale Ray Black, 48, “will have died in vain if one more person is killed in that mine.”

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