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Jobs with Justice celebrates, organizes

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Jobs with Justice continues as a tremendous asset for organized labor, but new and exciting trends were also evident at its national conference here May 2-4. The organization that was founded by five industrial unions in 1987 has continued to grow and fulfill its original purpose of reaching outside labor’s ranks to assist the union movement. Now, it is also organizing the broader working class in the United States and abroad.

American Axle workers keep up the fight

DETROIT -- No one at American Axle expected to be out for three months, but workers continue to keep the dozen or so gates of the sprawling American Axle complex in Detroit fully staffed. While there have been different proposals to end the strike it seems like every time a possible solution is at hand, American Axle steps back to ask for more concessions. While American Axle has previously demanded the closing of forge plants in Detroit and New York, its latest demand was to add yet another third plant (in New York ) to the hit list.

Connecticut PWW Friends honor workers with Newsmaker Awards

Newly organized union members, activists and community leaders gathered in New Haven on Sunday May 4 to celebrate the annual presentation of Peoples Weekly World Newsmaker Awards for International Workers Day.

Young workers discuss future in labor movement

“Why don’t young workers have an affiliate within the AFL-CIO?” This was one of the questions raised on May 3rd in a strategy session held at the National Conference of Jobs with Justice. young workers, organized and unorganized, discussed the relationship between the younger generations and the labor movement.

Reps cite criminal cover-up in deadly Utah mine blasts

WASHINGTON--Top company officials at the Crandall Canyon Mine in Huntington, Utah, where nine miners perished in August 2007, concealed facts that would have prevented the deaths and should be criminally charged, according to a Congressional report released May 8.


Protect Social Security customer service

We thought the push to privatize Social Security was dead. Failing to privatize Social Security, the administration has slashed the agency’s budget. These tactics ensure that the next time we have to fight to save Social Security, the public’s view of the Social Security Administration (SSA) might not be so favorable.

Reclaiming May Day: Marching together for all workers

Reflecting the holiday’s origins, when immigrant workers played a big part in the fight for the eight-hour day, this year’s observances melded workers’ struggles for decent wages and conditions with the struggles of largely working-class immigrant communities for human and civil rights. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants were joined by many union contingents as they marched in cities throughout the country.

Penn. labor calls for election unity

PHILADELPHIA — Unity was the watchword at last week’s Pennsylvania state AFL-CIO biennial convention, as the 721 delegates cheered calls for a united effort to put a Democrat in the White House and to defeat John McCain in November.

Week of action unites students, workers

Imagine a world where everyone who chooses to can go to college. Picture a world where workers on school campuses and in communities have a voice about their working conditions and where the fruits and vegetables that people eat are picked by workers who earn a living wage. Imagine a time when students and others can proudly wear university apparel, knowing the workers who made the clothing were paid fairly with basic rights including breaks, safe working conditions and an eight-hour workday. And finally, think about what it will be like when jobs not only support workers but also protect the environment.

Im in a world of hurt

Shawn Boone did not die instantly five years ago at the Hayes Lemmerz plant in Huntington, Ind. He was lying on the floor, his body smoldering, as the aluminum dust burned through his flesh and then his muscles. With every breath he took, more of his internal organs burned. Still conscious and blinded from the initial blast, he begged for help as they loaded him into the ambulance.

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