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Wal-Mart: recession profiteer

Bank and insurance CEOs aren’t the only ones getting rewarded for horrendous behavior in this recession. There’s Wal-Mart, whom Newsweek now has anointed as “Our Corporate Savior.” (Hat tip to dakine01.)

Stimulus bill a must, but only the beginning

Although the labor movement is cheering passage of the president’s stimulus bill, leaders of unions and organizations allied with them are pointing out that the bill, itself, is far from perfect and that much more will have to be done over a period of time to rescue the tanking economy.

AFL-CIO favors 'mixed' health care system, Sweeney says

WASHINGTON (PAI)The AFL-CIO favors a mixed public-private universal health care system, with government, business and individuals all sharing in its costs and with strong cost controls, including a government-run insurance alternative to keep the private insurance industry honest, federation President John Sweeney said.

Obama reaffirms support for Employee Free Choice Act

Original source: In an Oval Office interview with major newspapers yesterday, President Barack Obama reaffirmed his strong support for the freedom to form unions and bargain.


Neighbors to Port: Change the trucking system, cut pollution

OAKLAND, Calif. — For over two years, Oakland’s port commissioners have been considering ways to drastically lower diesel pollution from the ships, trains and trucks moving goods in and out of the port, which ranks fourth in the nation in container traffic. port. Recognizing that trucks handling over 2 million containers there each year are major polluters, area residents and truck drivers are joining health and environmental activists in demanding the Port Commission quickly flesh out its goal to drastically cut diesel emissions by reorganizing the trucking industry as is being done by the Port of Los Angeles.


America agrees with president: Its about jobs, jobs, jobs

CHICAGO — Cindy Green, 41, is a clerk at Citibank. Her husband, who repaired air conditioners and heating units, lost his job 28 weeks ago. “I am scared to death about this,” she said, “because everything we have worked so hard for seems like it can fall apart. What if my husband can’t find another job? My son graduated with a BA last June and so far landed jobs only at Old Navy and Starbuck’s.”

Tell Senate to confirm Solis as labor secretary

The Senate is about to vote on the nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis for Secretary of Labor. Rep. Solis has been a long-time champion of worker's rights, and she'll bring a strong voice for unions to the Department of Labor.

Show us the green!

Blue-Green Alliance urges ‘green jobs’ investment WASHINGTON — Shawn Grimes, 30, who makes batteries for hybrid autos was one of more than 2000 people who converged on the nation’s capital to demand that Congress fund programs that create more “green jobs” like his.

1.5 Million Sign on to support Employee Free Choice; Thousands rally on hill

Original source: Today on Capitol Hill, thousands of union members and allies gathered to rally for the Employee Free Choice Act, a critical bill to restore the freedom of workers to form unions and bargain.


1.5 million to Capitol Hill: Pass Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON (PAI)--Before a chilled crowd of almost 4,000 people, and standing among boxes named by state and symbolizing the 1.4 million cards, letters and e-mails sent to Congress, organized labor launched this year’s drive to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, with a boisterous outdoor D.C. rally on Feb. 4.

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