Labor News

Women workers expect early victories from new Congress

On Jan.7 the House of Representatives is expected to hand workers a victory by passing two bills to ensure equal pay for women and reverse the 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that severely restricted the rights of women to combat pay discrimination through the courts.

Consumer groups demand Congress pass Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON (PAI)--Saying it would help consumers, help stop predatory lenders and “ensure workers’ hard-earned wages go to supporting their families and communities,” seven leading consumer organizations demanded the new Democratic-run 111th Congress pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Labor's legislative agenda includes stimulus, Employee Free Choice Act and more

WASHINGTON (PAI)--With the new Democratic-run 111th Congress convening on Jan. 6, and with larger pro-worker majorities, labor has assembled a legislative agenda that starts with the Employee Free Choice Act and a massive stimulus bill, but doesn’t stop there.

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