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Bush officials orchestrated company’s attacks on Indian “guest workers”

Bush administration agencies instructed a major corporation on how to harass and deport hundreds of Indian "guest workers" who were protesting their working conditions, newly released documents show.

We need to combat workplace violence

Consider this: Every year, almost two million American men and women are the victims of violent crime at their workplaces.


Machinists stop Pratt & Whitney from moving jobs

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. - Emotions ran high as union leaders announced details of a court victory blocking P&W from moving work and equipment affecting 1,000 jobs.


Workers give Marriott a wake-up call

Area workers give Marriott a wake-up call on health care and contract negotiations.


Labor Dept.sends message to bosses: shape up

President Obama plans to beef up workplace regulations.


CVS risking consumer, workers' health for profits, laborers claim

Members of Laborers Local 78 are connecting poor treatment of consumers to poor working conditions for contractors, and are urging consumers to pressure CVS.


Historic union contract signed at Foxwoods

"We have voted and we now have a contract!" exclaimed a game-table dealer and member of UAW Local 2121 at Foxwoods Resort Casino.


Machinists fight for their pensions

"If predatory bankers can come in here and steal the pensions these workers earned, then nobody in our nation is safe!" said Jim McClellan, president of International Association of Machinists District 54.


After Supreme Court ruling, unions fear opening of corporate cash floodgates

Leaders of the nation's largest unions came out in unanimous opposition to the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to spend as much as they like to influence the outcome of elections in the United States.


Fancy suits for some, but workers get shaft

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Workers from the Hugo Boss clothing firm are battling to stop the company from closing one of the last remaining domestic clothing plants and moving to Turkey.


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