Labor News

Steelworkers, top British union, hold joint Congress

The London conference discussed participation by rank and file delegations of activists in each other's education, rapid response, health and safety, civil rights, and women's conferences.

Teamsters add 20,000 corrections officers in Florida

Winning more than half of the ballots cast, the Teamsters were elected as bargaining representative for almost 20,000 correctional officers statewide in Florida.


Service Employees back Obama

The Service Employees became the third big union - and the second within Change To Win - to endorse Democratic President Barack Obama for re-election.


Postal unions blast two "rescue" bills

Postal workers are blasting both Postal Service "rescue" bills as deeply flawed legislation that would come close to killing the Postal Service.


Domestic Workers United, Occupy Wall Street oppose Keystone XL pipeline

Domestic Workers United, which the AFL-CIO recently honored, and Occupy Wall Street, the anti-greed grass-roots movement labor backs, decided to oppose construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Texas.


Commissioner Stern: NBA headed toward “nuclear winter”

The players say they made several economic concessions and had no choice but to disband the union and seek legal redress.


Vice president, labor secretary cheer Ohio voters for SB5 defeat

"You put out a different kind of fire," Solis said, referring to the key role firefighters played in the campaign.

More meatcutters unionize

The United Food and Commercial Workers gained its second big union recognition election win at a meatpacker in two weeks on Nov. 4.

Can labor build on Ohio win?

With one year to go before the Nov. 2012 election, the key question for organized labor after this fall's voting is: Can it build on the Ohio win?


Workers taking "extraordinary measures" to save Postal Service

The National Association of Letter Carriers has revved up its campaign to save America's postal service.

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