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Paying for protection: Two unions go to court to force OSHA to do its job

Two prominent labor organizations have sued the Bush administration for failing to protect nearly 20 million workers from job injuries.

Freeze displaces thousands of California farmworkers

California’s citrus and other crops have been devastated by five consecutive nights of sub-freezing temperatures that struck Jan. 12, dealing a sharp blow to growers and putting thousands of farmworkers out of work, especially in the Central Valley.


Janitors fight sweeps through Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS (PAI) — Hundreds of janitors jammed a meeting Jan. 13 to overwhelmingly authorize a strike if a settlement cannot be reached with Twin Cities cleaning contractors


Hotel room attendants tell their stories

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The walls of the meeting room were lined with photos of dozens of women, their warm and friendly faces contrasting sharply with the close-ups of their swollen, work-scarred hands, mounted below.


If clinics close, where will sick go?

CHICAGO — The battle to fund human needs instead of war or tax breaks for the super-rich found its expression right in the heart of the Midwest.

Year opens with 2 more deaths in the mines

CUCUMBER, W.Va. — James “Butch” Thomas, 47, and Pete Poindexter, 33, were working a mile and half inside the Brooks Run Company’s Cucumber mine, Jan. 13, when the roof collapsed, killing both miners.

Boost minimum wage, right to organize

There are many vital issues that helped forge the alliance that dealt such a devastating blow to the immoral ultra-right cabal last Nov. 7.


Labor to Senate: Raise minimum wage with no strings attached

WASHINGTON — The broad labor-led coalition supporting the Democrats’ “100 Hour Agenda” in the 110th Congress hailed the 315-116 House vote Jan. 10 to raise the minimum wage to $7.25, and urged the Senate also to approve the increase without more tax giveaways to big business.


Picket supports Woodfin Suites workers

Community support continues for workers at the Woodfin Suites Hotel in Emeryville, Calif., threatened with firing after they called on management to obey the city’s living wage ordinance.


Labor to neighbor

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