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The Break Room: Who owns your time?

Having a work schedule you can depend on has joined raising the minimum wage as a winnable demand for America's millions of low-paid workers.


Sept. 9 Labor update

Trump trumped by NLRB, Minnesota nurses strike; Sorry, no thin mints at Schnuck's;  union 'lions and tigers and bears' and more.


Bosses threaten workers: Vote my way or else

About 25 percent of workers in a study report that their employers send them messages having nothing to do with work and everything to do with politics.


Survey: 36 percent of U.S. “financially desperate” or barely getting by

The study by the world's top global union federation, adds that the proportion is higher among women, people aged 16-24 and those with less education. 


Unemployment would be 6.2 percent if it included discouraged jobseekers

Governments never hired back all the workers they fired in the Great Recession, and there's been a resulting drag on the current recovery. 


Unemployment rate rises in June to 4.9 percent

Unemployment for African-American teenagers jumped by 33,000 from May to June, and their joblessness rose to 31.2 percent.


GOP House Speaker Ryan plan would trash labor, consumer regulations

Ryan's 57-page document is part of a Republican agenda he's putting forward as a platform before the GOP National Convention.


Active unionists go one for two in June 5 primaries

One of them, who won in New Jersey, said he would continue to push for more jobs and safer neighborhoods. 


U.S. economic system traps unions in the green vs. blue conflict

The latest green vs. blue conundrum has taken the form of a dispute between labor leaders, and controversy has kicked in.


What’s the value of this man’s work?

His name is Kwaku Agyeman, and he has a job pushing wheelchairs for airport passengers who otherwise would have a hard time getting around.

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