Labor News

Tent city set up to save hospital

LOS ANGELES – With chants of “Save Rancho” and “These cuts won’t heal,” over 150 community, labor and disabled activists, many in wheelchairs, marched in front of the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital administration building here recently demanding that Los Angeles County not close this important and specialized hospital.

Dont spend a nickel on a Mt. Olive pickle

TOLEDO, Ohio – “Don’t spend a nickel on a Mt. Olive pickle!” shouted the crowd of over 400 people as they marched down Broadway Avenue here. Students, community members, and organized labor gathered to commemorate the four-year anniversary of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s (FLOC) boycott campaign against the Mt. Olive Pickle Company.

Bush takes aim at overtime pay

Millions of American workers will be getting a shorter paycheck and a longer work week if the Bush administration’s proposed changes to Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) regulations are carried out. The new guidelines would enable employers to categorize even low-paid workers as “managers, administrators and professionals,” allowing them to avoid the obligation to pay time-and-a-half for all time worked after 40 hours in a week.