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Teacher union organizes three charter schools, an area-wide first

CHICAGO -- In a historic step, an overwhelming majority of teachers at three area charter school campuses, joined by parents and community leaders, filed authorization cards April 3 with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board to form a union. The teachers seek immediate recognition of their collective bargaining unit and a commitment by school officials to promptly bargain and settle a contract.

Communities rally for worker rights bill

CLEVELAND — As part of a growing grassroots movement, over 100 community and labor activists rallied for the Employee Free Choice Act in Cleveland Public Square March 30.

Auto workers left with no bailout

President Barack Obama said March 30 that the government will withhold additional long-term federal loans for General Motors and Chrysler unless the company, its creditors and the unions make more concessions. He also raised the possibility of “controlled bankruptcy” for one or both of the two companies.

Feds charge Republic violated labor law

CHICAGO – On Monday the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers (UE) here announced the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is charging the owners of Republic Windows and Doors with violating federal labor law.

Ohio city backs pension fight: proud to stand with steelworkers

CANTON, Ohio — The City Council in this steel town last week, in a chamber packed with men and women in union caps and jackets, unanimously passed a resolution supporting the steelworkers’ fight to regain their pensions, stolen during the Bush regime.

Penn. labor calls for election unity

PHILADELPHIA — Unity was the watchword at last week’s Pennsylvania state AFL-CIO biennial convention, as the 721 delegates cheered calls for a united effort to put a Democrat in the White House and to defeat John McCain in November.

Week of action unites students, workers

Imagine a world where everyone who chooses to can go to college. Picture a world where workers on school campuses and in communities have a voice about their working conditions and where the fruits and vegetables that people eat are picked by workers who earn a living wage. Imagine a time when students and others can proudly wear university apparel, knowing the workers who made the clothing were paid fairly with basic rights including breaks, safe working conditions and an eight-hour workday. And finally, think about what it will be like when jobs not only support workers but also protect the environment.

Im in a world of hurt

Shawn Boone did not die instantly five years ago at the Hayes Lemmerz plant in Huntington, Ind. He was lying on the floor, his body smoldering, as the aluminum dust burned through his flesh and then his muscles. With every breath he took, more of his internal organs burned. Still conscious and blinded from the initial blast, he begged for help as they loaded him into the ambulance.


Black union leaders continue to make history

CHICAGO — Three seasoned Black union leaders came together recently at the home of the Rev. Addie Wyatt on this city’s South Side. Casually, the conversation turned toward the purpose of their coming together: to assess the role of unions in Black America and the leadership contributions of Black union leaders.

Privatization runs amok in NYC subway

NEW YORK CITY — Officials of the Transit Chapter of the Civil Service Technical Guild, the union representing the engineers, architects and scientists who work for the city’s transportation authority here, are decrying the anticipated May award of a construction-services contract to a private engineering firm.

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