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EDITORIAL: Support the Northwest Airline strikers

“If we had only stopped them at PATCO” became a common labor refrain in the union-busting years of the Reagan administration. Most in labor will now acknowledge that the lack of full labor solidarity was a key factor in the defeat of the PATCO (air traffic controllers) union. It opened the door to years of ferocious corporate and government attack on unions.

Cintas workers win environmental cleanup

BRANFORD, Conn. — In a groundbreaking agreement, the Cintas Corp. has signed a pact with the state of Connecticut to stop using detergents which contain ingredients known as APEs (alkyphenol ethoxylates). APEs are toxic to fish and are potentially linked to cancer.

Plan to save labor unity

WASHINGTON (PAI) — The AFL-CIO created a procedure to let locals from unions that left the federation — the Service Employees, Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers and the Carpenters — stay in state federations and local Central Labor Councils.

Northwest mechanics strike for jobs

Northwest Airlines mechanics, cleaners and custodians walked off the job Aug. 20, refusing to accept layoffs that would leave half of them without jobs, and pay cuts that would reduce the wages of those left by 25 percent. According to a statement on the Airline Mechanics Fraternal Association web site, not one of the 4,400 members has crossed the picket line to return to work.

Unity and the grass roots are labors real power

It’s been a long time since the labor movement has been so united, so energized and so mobilized. This remarkable upsurge is based on fierce determination by union members to defeat George Bush and elect John Kerry.

Rally protests cuts in widows pensions

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. – Over 500 outraged steelworkers marched at Ispat-Inland Steel here Aug. 9 to demand an end to cuts in widows’ pensions.

Why working people must defeat Bush in November

NEW YORK – Recently, while announcing a major anti-Bush labor protest during the Republican National Convention, New York City Central Labor Council (NYCCLC) President Brian McLaughlin called George W. Bush “the working person’s worst nightmare.” Indeed, the policies of the Bush administration seem like a bad dream.

Union cites perils of unmanned locomotives

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (PAI) — Another “remote-controlled” train accident could have been a terrible catastrophe, but wasn’t, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen newspaper reported.

UFCW breakthrough at Wal-Mart in Quebec

JONQUIERE, Quebec (PAI) — The United Food and Commercial Workers broke through the Wal-Mart blockade on Aug. 3, becoming certified to represent 160-170 workers at the retailer’s supercenter in Jonquiere, Quebec.

AFL-CIO gets down to nuts and bolts

CHICAGO — If America’s union members have anything to say about it, come Nov. 2 this country’s ship of state will be making a sharp course correction

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