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Workers’ groups show candidates that supporting higher wages wins votes

"Voters are fed up with lack of action in Washington on raising wages for working people; letting voters know where the candidates stand on these issues can have a significant impact."


Sign up for Labor’s election day of action this weekend!

On Sept. 10, local labor movements around the country will lead the largest national day of action this election cycle. 


New poll: Trump is not as favored by union members as he says he is

Everyone knows that Trump likes to stretch the truth a little and the truth is that union members really don't like the idea of a Trump presidency.


Five ways America would be different without labor unions

Hillary Clinton supports workers in the Fight for $15 and a union, fair scheduling, paid sick time, retirement security, workplace safety and benefit protection.


Trump adds Philippines to terror list, Asian-American labor responds

"Donald Trump disrespects Filipinos and exposes his own ignorance and racism," said SEIU Vice President Luisa Blue.




Virginia unionists concentrate on beating right-to-work

Amid reports Republicans may be ceding Virginia to Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, unions are focusing on defeating a right to work referendum. 


Clinton reiterates her opposition to TPP, pledges support for infrastructure

Democratic nominee says as president she will "stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership."


100,000 working people to go door-to-door to defeat Trump

"When working people speak with a loud and strong voice, pro-worker candidates win."


Challenging the stereotypical “angry white guy” for Trump

A huge number of high school-educated white men don't go to Trump rallies: They're angry, all right - angry at being associated with Trump.


The day after: Labor launches big battleground blitz

"Working people are an unstoppable force when we stick together," said AFL-CIO President Trumka.

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