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Hyatt workers protest in San Francisco

Some 400 workers at the Hyatt Regency hotel here held a three-day strike June 8-10.


Video: Don't get caught in a bad hotel!

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer activists creatively tell the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people from all over the country coming to San Francisco in June for Pride to stay out of the boycotted hotels.


Don’t do business at Congress Hotel, strikers urge

"We're here to ask your support in our strike against the Congress Hotel - our families have been suffering for seven long years."


San Francisco hotel workers hold two-day ‘siege’

SAN FRANCISCO - The giant hotel corporations that dominate this city's top hotels may think they can hide behind the current economic crisis to force workers to accept a contract full of takeaways.


Workers give Marriott a wake-up call

Area workers give Marriott a wake-up call on health care and contract negotiations.


Video: Boycott Hyatt

Video of labor and allies confronting Hyatt Hotel Corporation.

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