Labor News

Report takes aim at sweatships

Two British organizations recently released a report that paints a grim picture of working conditions on cruise ships, tarnishing the fun, romantic image that the cruise ship industry has cultivated.

World labor: Let the inspectors work

The AFL-CIO added its voice to the growing opposition to war with Iraq last week when federation President John Sweeney joined with John Monks, general secretary of the British Trades Union Congress, to urge President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to give UN weapons inspectors in Iraq “adequate time” to complete their work.

A New Years message from the World Federationof Trade Unions

As a New Year dawns the World Federation of Trade Unions conveys Its good wishes and solidarity greetings to working people the world over, their trade unions and all the men, women and children of our planet who aspire for a better life in peace, friendship and international cooperation for social progress.

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