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Latin America fights neolibralism

When the Peruvian trade union movement organized demonstrations this month in support of the public school teachers’ strike and against the government-imposed State of Emergency, the demonstrations turned into protests against President Alejandro Toledo’s neoliberal economic policies as a whole and not just the trade union issues.

Perus teachers spark nationwide struggle

Despite having reached a tentative agreement, Nilvar Lopez, general secretary of the Peruvian teachers union (SUTEP), said a nationwide strike will continue until the union ratifies the new collective bargaining agreement.

Millions strike against privatization in India

NEW DELHI, India – A one-day general strike brought many states to a virtual halt here. Up to 50 million workers participated in what trade union leaders called one of the “biggest strike[s] witnessed since Independence,” May 21.

May Day around the world


A legacy and a pledge

May 1 is a symbolic day of struggle and international solidarity among all the workers of the world. It is also the day I was born.

Almas courage: Colombian journalist risks everything to tell the truth

“Death threats are not new for us. It is a way of life here. Every family in Colombia has come to terms with violence. Everyone in Colombia knows of a relative who has been tortured, disappeared, or killed – treated in the most grotesque ways.”

Activists demand action against border vigilantes

TUSCON, Ariz. – Border residents are demanding that gun-toting vigilantes and immigrant-hunting parties operating on the Arizona-Mexico border be investigated and stopped. Violent actions by these hate groups have escalated in spite of Arizona’s anti-militia law, State Land Department Lease guidelines and countless reports of human rights abuses.

Rural union leader under threat in Colombia

Trade unionists in Colombia continue to face threats to their very lives as they fight an uphill battle to protect the rights of both urban and rural workers. Last week the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers Associations (IUF) reported that Guillermo Rivera Zapata, vice president of the Colombian rural workers union SINTRAINAGRO, was suddenly deprived of the security measures, including bodyguards, previously provided by the government.

Report takes aim at sweatships

Two British organizations recently released a report that paints a grim picture of working conditions on cruise ships, tarnishing the fun, romantic image that the cruise ship industry has cultivated.

World labor: Let the inspectors work

The AFL-CIO added its voice to the growing opposition to war with Iraq last week when federation President John Sweeney joined with John Monks, general secretary of the British Trades Union Congress, to urge President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to give UN weapons inspectors in Iraq “adequate time” to complete their work.

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