Labor News

Union solidarity gets the job done!

Workers’ correspondence Creative tactics on the part of 360 workers at Johanna Foods’ Flemington, N.J., plant, overcame a “take it or leave it” proposal by company president Robert Fascina that included a new 50 percent co-pay on healthcare and meager 5 cent per hour yearly raises.

Lorenzo and Anita Torrez honored at CPUSA meeting

In an emotional program that frequently brought audience members to their feet and provoked shouts of “Si, se puede!”, Anita and Lorenzo Torrez, two participants in the historic filming of Salt of the Earth, were honored at a special session of the CPUSA’s national committee on June 28.

Teamsters join Seamsters to clean up laundry

Forming a landmark partnership, two international unions, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and UNITE (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees) announced a joint effort to bring safe working conditions, dignity, and a decent standard of living to 17,000 workers at the nation’s largest industrial laundry.

Workers tell Bush: Hands off overtime

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of angry workers from across the nation picketed the U.S. Labor Department June 30 to protest a new Bush administration regulation that could terminate overtime pay for eight million workers.