Labor News

Congress turns its back on long-term jobless

The Senate agreed to extend the federally funded Temporary Emergency Unemployment Compensation (TEUC) program on May 23.

The May unemployment report: No rosy colors

The U.S. Labor Department said that 9.0 million workers were counted among the officially unemployed in May, bringing the official unemployment rate to 6.1 percent, the highest since July 1994.

Perus teachers spark nationwide struggle

Despite having reached a tentative agreement, Nilvar Lopez, general secretary of the Peruvian teachers union (SUTEP), said a nationwide strike will continue until the union ratifies the new collective bargaining agreement.

Memorial desecrated

Ludlow, Colo. – One of organized labor’s most sacred and cherished shrines, the Ludlow Memorial, was desecrated on or shortly after the evening of May 7. Vandals cut through solid granite and marble to sever the heads off the statues of a miner and his wife. The wife’s arm, holding a baby, was also removed and stolen.