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Catholic hospital chain pressed on low wages

CHICAGO (PAI) — Four years ago, Araceli Romero’s son Julio developed a serious infection. Romero, a laundress at Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago — flagship of one of the nation’s largest Catholic health care medical chains — had no health insurance. On what Resurrection paid, she couldn’t afford it.

Washington and Chiquita partners in terror

Revelations of ties between the Chiquita Brands International, based in Cincinnati, and right-wing terrorist groups in Colombia highlight corporate crimes and swagger in a country rife with suffering. They also show Washington’s hypocrisy regarding terrorism.

Workers beat back Waste Managements challenge

OAKLAND, Calif. — Residents and businesses here and in neighboring cities heaved a collective sigh of relief this week as garbage workers returned to work July 30 at Waste Management of Alameda County, proud that with support from other unions and the community they had turned back a corporate giant’s all-out union-busting drive.

Working families challenge candidates: What will you do to change things?

CHICAGO — They came to Soldier Field, not to cheer for the hometown Bears, but to challenge presidential candidates to represent the rainbow of working people on Main Street, not Wall Street.


Wide support for garbage workers

OAKLAND, Calif. — As Waste Management, Inc.’s lockout of garbage workers in Alameda County communities entered its fourth week, union pickets at the company’s headquarters here were more determined than ever.

Thank you, Senator McConnell

During the House and Senate debates on the Employee Free Choice Act, some of my friends got riled up by all the right-wing nuts attacking the EFCA because the Communists support it. I got a lot of e-mail from folks disturbed by the red-baiting and anti-communism. Some were indignant, and some worried that the Communist Party’s support for the EFCA was being used to taint the legislation.

Auto CEOs drool over Delphis takeaways

DETROIT — The United Auto Workers union battled to get a new contract with Delphi and is now beginning tough negotiations with the Big Three automakers, Ford, GM and Chrysler. The Delphi contract includes the closure of 10 UAW plants, with the company keeping four in operation. Seven additional plants will be sold.


Texans greet long overdue minimum wage hike

HOUSTON — Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) held a special press conference July 22 at the Christian Rescue Mission Church in the heart of the 3rd Ward, near this city’s downtown, to celebrate the first increase of the federal minimum wage in 10 years.

Asian American unionists step up fight for equality, 2008 victory

WASHINGTON — The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, an AFL-CIO affiliate, brought hundreds of trade unionists here July 19-22 to celebrate their struggles and to chart a path for further advances and victory for working families in the 2008 elections


As nightmare scenario unfolds in one plant, auto union fights for American way of life

BELVIDERE, Ill. — Pretend you’re an autoworker and you’re having a bad dream. In your dream it’s 2008, one year after the Big Three — GM, Chrysler and Ford — got away with murder in contract negotiations.

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