Labor News

Labor leaving no stone un-turned

Organized labor is flexing its muscles, showing that it is tired of taking it on the chin. If the unions have their way, between now and Election Day, even the ultra-right lock on the White House and Congress could be broken.

School workers tell Aramark no free lunch

PHILADELPHIA -- More than 1,000 workers and their supporters marched to Aramark Tower here –the food service company’s national headquarters—in a spirited demonstration to protest the corporate giant’s refusal to refund $7 million they say it owes to the School District of Philadelphia.

Big rail strike rocks Germany

BERLIN — It’s the biggest labor struggle in years in Germany, and it’s not over yet. On Nov. 28 the locomotive engineers and other train personnel just closed down much of the railroad system for 62 hours for freight and 48 hours for passenger transportation and may do it again next week, possibly without the limited strike length used up till now.


BOOK REVIEW: Four centuries of U.S. working-class literature

In his poem “A Worker Reads History,” Bertolt Brecht wrote: Who built the Seven Gates of Thebes? The books are filled with kings. Was it kings who hauled the craggy blocks of stone?


Two tales of one city: First the death, now the resurrection

NEW ORLEANS — It wasn’t the hurricane that almost killed this city. From day one, after Katrina, the Bush administration used this town as a laboratory to experiment with every type of right-wing social engineering scheme imaginable, and if it weren’t for the labor movement and its allies, they just might have succeeded.

From Oregon to Virginia, voters reject Republican right

Voters in the Nov. 6 off-year election made clear once again that they are fed up with the pro-corporate policies of the Republican right and looking for positive changes like ending the Iraq war, rooting out corruption and saving the environment.

Unionists energized for election battles

WASHINGTON (PAI) — Off-year election results in state and municipal races on Nov. 6 show union voters are already energized for 2008, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney says. And they also show unionists and the country want “a clear rejection of Bush administration policies,” adds federation Political Director Karen Ackerman.

How do you answer the racists?

In the 2008 elections, the reactionaries are hoping to divide our progressive class with the immigration “wedge” issue. From what I have seen around North Texas so far, it is working pretty well for them. If one looks at history, it’s easy to see how the old pogroms against Jews were cooked up.

Two-tier wages: a community-killing virus

Lockport, N.Y., was once a seemingly growing, family oriented, peaceful community. The historic homes were beautifully maintained and added to the small city’s culture. Original buildings and its lock system along the Erie Canal were preserved for historical value.

28,000 home child care workers organize in N.Y.C.

NEW YORK — In the biggest successful organizing campaign in New York City in almost 50 years, over 28,000 home child care workers have joined the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the largest local in the American Federation of Teachers.

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