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First Black president? Detroit labor legend wonders if it's all a dream

DETROIT, Mich. — These days, as millions nationwide work to elect the first African American president, 96-year-old Dave Moore, longtime labor and community leader, wonders if it’s all just a dream.

Jobs for workers come first

Just days after the Communications Workers of America put forward a comprehensive economic recovery plan for Main Street, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke told Congress Oct. 20 that despite government efforts thus far, the economy remains in deep trouble.


Race to the finish

Sprinting into the homestretch, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is widening his lead over GOP rival John McCain. Obama is addressing enormous cheering crowds in battleground states across the nation.


Flushing out the worker-wannabes

Why are the plumbers in the photo on this page wearing carpenter tool belts? And why are they wielding shiny new $9.99 Home Depot toilet plungers instead of wrenches? True, Halloween is costume time, but it’s not because of the holiday that corporate types are playing dress-up.

OPINION: Whats at stake for retirees

When retirees go to the polls on Nov. 4, not only is their own retirement at stake, but so is the prospect of a stable, secure retirement for their children and grandchildren.


Real plumbers ratchet up support for Obama, EFCA

DETROIT -- Six thousand building and construction trades workers from various parts of Michigan marched to the McNamara Federal Building here to show support for the Employee Free Choice Act and the election of Sen. Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Winning for workers in California's battleground districts

As we enter the home stretch of what just might be the most exciting campaign season in history, working people have never been more energized for change. Voter registration has skyrocketed, volunteers are turning out in droves, and new national leadership is on the horizon.


McCain links to anti-union casino no surprise to workers

When scores of dealers and their supporters rallied at Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino last May for their right to representation by United Auto Workers Region 9A, which they had voted for overwhelmingly, passersby were quick to honk in support.


Union retirees turning Florida from red to blue

FORT MEYERS, Fla. — Labor activists in this very Republican area of Florida are feeling traction in their efforts to elect Barack Obama president. The Alliance of Retired Americans (ARA), United Auto Workers retirees and other union activists held a rousing rally here this week to urge turnout to elect the first African American president. Fort Meyers, located on the southwestern coast, is part of Lee County, which went 52 percent for Bush in 2004.

West Coast longshore workers OK new contract

West Coast longshore workers last week ratified a new six-year contract with the Pacific Maritime Association of waterfront employers. The new pact covers some 65,000 longshore workers and marine clerks, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, at 29 West Coast ports. The PMA represents 71 domestic and international carriers, terminal operators and stevedoring companies operating at those ports.

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