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Witnesses warn of turbulence ahead if Delta buys Northwest

Union leaders and a labor economist whose university has spent eight years studying the airline industry are warning of turbulence ahead I Atlanta-based Delta Airlines swallows Minnesota-based Northwest. In the third hearing on the proposed deal before various congressional committees, Machinists Vice President Robert Roach warned the deal could lead to $15 billion in combined pension liabilities being dumped on the federal government.

Postville takes center stage in national immigration debate

The Iowa town of Postville took center stage – again - in the debate over the nation’s failed immigration system, as 1,500 people, including unionists, rallied July 27 in support of packinghouse workers there. The march came one day after four members of Congress met with workers to discuss worker and safety violations at the Agriprocessors, Inc., plant in Postville, site of a now-infamous Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency raid that arrested 390.


California workers condemn Schwarzenegger wage cut

Union members protest the decision by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to cut the wages of over two hundred thousand state workers to the Federal minimum wage of $6.55/hour, alleging he must do so because the state legislature has not passed a budget. Workers accuse the governor of using their jobs and wages as a means of pressuring the Democratic legislature into agreeing to deep Republican budget cuts.

Governor issues pay-cut order, workers fight it

California’s Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped the other shoe July 31 — or rather, he threw it at state workers — when he signed an executive order cutting the pay of up to 200,000 of them to the federal minimum of $6.55/hour and firing over 10,000 part time and temporary workers until the state’s budget impasse is resolved.

Wal-Mart tells employees to vote against Democrats

Don't think the 2008 elections are important? Wal-Mart does. That's why it's corporate executives are pressuring its supervisory employees to vote against Democrats in the November election.


Bush continues to block job safety rules Immigration raid killed a town, witnesses say Letter carriers endorse Obama Freedom of speech and assembly?


Bus drivers confront corruption, union-busting

MADISON, Ohio – Over 200 rallied here July 22 in a boisterous show of support for embattled school bus drivers whose jobs were terminated when their contract expired in June and the Board of Education implemented a plan to privatize transportation.

Obama to unionists: We can't do it without you

WASHINGTON (PAI)--Prospective Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told more than 2,500 union leaders nationwide that “we can’t do it without you” if he is to win the White House this fall and advance workers’ causes when he gets there.


Public workers: Take back America for working people

SAN FRANCISCO — It was clear from the starting gavel: the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees convention here, July 28-Aug. 1, would be about reclaiming America for working people after eight years of the Bush administration.

Longshore union, employers reach tentative pact

Leaders of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) announced July 28 that they have reached a preliminary agreement for a new six-year contract, to replace the agreement that expired July 1.

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