Labor News


Unions begin big election effort

With the primary season over, labor is wasting no time jumping into the fall campaign.

GOP blocks jobless benefit extension

Congressional allies of President Bush scraped up just enough enemies of workers on Capitol Hill June 11 to ensure that a Democratic move to extend unemployment benefits fell short by three votes.

Labor and lawmakers unveil new trade bill, take steps to undo years of 'SHAFTA'

Union and congressional leaders announced June 5 that they are backing a new trade bill that works for workers, not just for giant multinationals.

Worst jobless stats in 20 years only the tip of the iceberg

The announcement June 6 that the jump in the unemployment rate is the worst in more than a generation resulted in a few corporate analysts admitting we are now in an economy that has probably “stalled.” Workers know that what Wall Street apologists are describing as a stall is nothing less than a disaster.

Labor mobilizes to extend jobless benefits

Labor leaders held an emergency telephone press conference June 10 and are appealing to everyone to call or e-mail their Congressional representatives on June 11 and 12 to urge them to vote for a new bill that will extend unemployment benefits.

Long denied rights, domestic workers find their voices

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — She came from Guatemala and landed a job as a live-in housekeeper for a family here. Her workday started at 5:30 a.m. and ended at midnight, seven days a week. She cooked, cleaned, watched children, made home repairs and did yard work. At first she earned $150 a month but after a while her employers started paying her no money at all.

Fast-buck construction behind crane disaster

NEW YORK — A crane collapse here May 30, killing two construction workers, brought the total of construction-related deaths in the city since January to 19. There have been 31 deaths of construction workers on the job here in the last seven months, a big increase over previous years.

Farmworkers win yearlong battle with Burger King

Immokalee farmworkers celebrated a landmark agreement late last month, after Burger King agreed to pay them a penny more for every pound of tomatoes they pick, to improve their working conditions and to set up a new code of conduct for growers.

Black trade unionists gear up for election

ST. LOUIS — Barack Obama, in a telephone hook-up May 22, welcomed the 37th annual gathering of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists here by declaring, “We need to reward labor and hard work with a few basic guarantees — health care, education and the right to form a union.”

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