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Privatization runs amok in NYC subway

NEW YORK CITY — Officials of the Transit Chapter of the Civil Service Technical Guild, the union representing the engineers, architects and scientists who work for the city’s transportation authority here, are decrying the anticipated May award of a construction-services contract to a private engineering firm.

Pima County workers go union

TUCSON, Ariz. — In what may be the biggest union gain in Arizona history, Pima County employees voted a whopping 94 percent in favor of union representation.

Airport service workers demand fairness

OAKLAND, Calif. — As travelers streamed into the Southwest Airlines terminal at Oakland’s International Airport April 5 they were greeted by an unusual sight — a crowd of passenger service workers and their supporters outside the terminal, demanding union rights, decent wages and affordable health care.

Community backs Hayward teachers 100%

HAYWARD, Calif. — Solidarity filled the air April 6 as hundreds of parents, students and community supporters gathered in Birchfield Park to express their backing for striking Hayward teachers.

Students sit in for sweatshop-free clothes

“We want to be proud of wearing our university apparel,” said Aria Everts, a University of Michigan student who was arrested April 3 after staging an eight-hour sit-in at the college president’s office. Everts was protesting against sweatshop-made gear sold on campus.


The blessing of unity: Miners stand together at Foundation Coal

WAYNESBURG, Pa. — The banner on the stage declared, “One union, One contract, No exceptions.” Hand-lettered picket signs proclaiming, “We made the profits, where’s our share?” were held high by over 1,800 members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), their families and supporters uniting for justice in the coal fields.

Texas teachers score gains

Texas House Democrats were backslapping and praising themselves for a job well done as public education gains were realized in the 80th Texas legislature this spring. They won pay raises, stopped the nation’s largest “merit-pay” scam in its tracks, and fatally wounded the “school voucher” scam in the Texas Legislature.

EDITORIAL: Lessons from Circuit City

Last week Circuit City announced layoffs of 3,400 “high paid” employees, saying it would replace them with lower-wage workers. It’s yet another example of the cruelty of a profit-driven, corporate-dominated system.


Laundry strike: Everybody goes out

A front-page photograph in the Oct. 26, 1936, edition of the Daily News captured the defiant, young face of Jessie Taft as she stood chained to the balcony of a New York City hotel.

Autoworkers confront globalization

Autoworkers face one of their biggest challenges ever: how to fight in an era of globalization when companies threaten to move ever more production abroad to get the lowest wages and benefits possible.

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