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Unions: We will not go back, no recall

LOS ANGELES – From a rally to a massive march of 10,000, the focus of union families this Labor Day was clear – “No to the recall.” Unionists representing the over 800,000 members from 350 unions utilized the day to launch their campaign against the attempt to recall Gov. Gray Davis.

Labor Day 2003: A tale of two worlds

“Why do workers struggle? Because they have to,” was a favorite refrain of former Maryland AFL-CIO President and Communist Party leader George Meyers. Working families have certainly been forced to struggle for jobs, better wages and benefits, civil rights and the right to organize a union this Labor Day.

Farmworkers vow big vote vs. recall

DELANO, Calif. – Hundreds of farm workers and their families gathered at “Forty Acres,” the United Farm Worker’s (UFW) most hallowed ground, Aug. 30, and cheered as UFW President Arturo Rodriguez denounced the ultra-right attempt to recall California Gov. Gray Davis.

Yale strike ignites struggle for justice

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – As several thousand striking Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital workers picketed, rallied and sat-in, they were joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson, who likened their struggle for economic justice to the historic struggle for the right to vote in Selma, Alabama.

California labor thunders, 'No recall!'

LOS ANGELES – In a display of unity and fighting spirit, 600 union leaders from across the Golden State met at a special convention here Aug. 26 and voted unanimously to mobilize a huge vote Oct. 7 to defeat the recall of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.

Verizon negotiations heat up

As of this writing negotiations are continuing between the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), representing almost 80,000 workers, and telecommunications giant Verizon Communications.

Church worker dispute resolved

Almost two months after five south Texas church workers were fired for unionizing, the ensuing dispute between the United Farm Workers (UFW) union and the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville has been partially resolved.

New landmark honors workers dignity

DETROIT, Mich. – With its gleaming stainless steel arches reaching toward each other 63 feet in the air, a monument to Michigan’s working class, the Michigan Labor Legacy Project, was unveiled Aug. 20 in downtown Detroit.

The business of union-busting

Strikebreaking and union-busting has taken many shapes and forms over the years, but the goals haven’t changed. While the “profession” started as an obvious, and usually violent, infringement upon workers’ rights to organize, it soon metamorphosed into something much more subtle and insidious.

Texas labor fights back

Bloodied but unbowed after a terrible state legislative session, Texas labor is laying plans to continue fighting. At the AFL-CIO convention in Austin July 24-26, over 400 delegates applauded the “Killer-D” state representatives who fled the state in May (and again in late July) to thwart a redistricting power grab by their Republican opponents. They endorsed the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, a national Cesar Chavez holiday, and dozens of other progressive proposals.

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