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Workers not at fault in BPs deadly blast

Agreeing with the Steelworkers union and strongly rejecting company claims of workers’ guilt, the federal government’s chemical safety investigations board threw the book at British Petroleum on Oct. 31 over the fatal explosion at its Texas City refinery more than a year ago.


Civil rights legend Pancho Medrano honored

DALLAS — Activists here honored one of the nation’s most distinguished civil rights figures Nov. 4. On legislation originated by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D), who represents East Dallas, the Lakeland Hills Post Office was rededicated to the memory of Francisco “Pancho” Medrano.


Mission accomplished: Labor kicks ass

Labor’s challenge in this election was to provide the organizing to transform the workers’ frustration and anger into political power, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said at a post-election press conference Nov. 8. It was not only labor’s message but its messengers who achieved that goal.

Louise Parry, working-class robin

When Louise Parry died suddenly last June 29 at the age of 85, she left unfinished reading on her bedside table: David McCullough’s “John Adams,” Frances L. Broderick’s study of the great W.E.B. Du Bois, Eric Foner’s “Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution.”

Worse than union-busting

New TV spots are the handiwork of a powerful, well-financed web of extremist, conservative organizations and well-paid spin-doctors on a mission to dismantle labor unions. The over-the-top mudslinging by the Center for Union Facts, the National Right to Work Committee and other anti-union groups is nothing more than an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, hiding the real crisis in the American workplace.

Inequalitys cause: loss of power

Recently, there has been growing recognition of the enormous increase in U.S. income inequality that has occurred over the last 25 years, bringing back inequality levels not seen since 1929.

Oaxaca bleeds, but does not give up

On Oct. 29, the rightist lame duck president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quezada, sent in 4,000 Federal Protective Police armed with tanks, helicopters, water cannons and high powered rifles to clear the southern city of Oaxaca (population about 275,000) of the protesters who have held it since May.


Labor launches final push to oust Republican right

Organized labor and its allies launched a massive, nationwide get-out-the-vote drive in the final days of the midterm election as polls showed many tight races certain to be decided by voter turnout


Labor sin fruto

Los californianos necesitan una perspectiva más realista sobre la mano de obra agrícola.

You are the news: Readers we need your eyes and ears

The newspaper of America’s working class needs eyes and ears in every workplace and every community. In the time-honored tradition of working-class journalism, the People’s Weekly World actively solicits input from workers and our allies everywhere.

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