Labor News


Thousands across the nation march in “Fight For 15 NOW!” picketlines

"It is important to raise the wages for all of us: on payday workers may be able to pay the rent but can't pay for food."


Turncoat Missouri state legislators slammed on anti-worker vote

"It's the height of hypocrisy to accept voluntary contributions from hardworking union members and then turn their backs on the unions."


American Postal Workers union endorses Bernie Sanders

"Politics as usual has not worked. It's time for a political revolution."


Report details retirement insecurity for workers, decadent pensions for CEOs

It results from the persistent demand by CEOs that all wealth get deposited in their pockets.


Fast food workers wage biggest-ever strike Nov. 10

Fast-food workers will wage their biggest-ever strike Tuesday - one year from Election Day - with walkouts hitting a record 270 cities from Detroit to Denver. 


Today in labor history: The CIO is created in 1935

The creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations was announced 80 years ago on this day.


Gateway Arch builders remember their accomplishment 50 years later

What they built was something special, and union workers are erecting a development to revitalize the surrounding area.


After first look at full TPP text, union leaders give pact thumbs down

Union leaders gave the 12-nation treaty an initial thumbs down as being too pro-corporate and not guaranteeing workers' rights.


Campaign exposes widespread abuses of poultry industry workers

Poultry workers in the United States suffer high rates of injury, earn poverty level wages and work in a climate of fear.


Fifty professors arrested at City University of New York protest

"The future of our students' education is at stake. Our action today is part of a long struggle for racial and educational justice."

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