Labor News

Confronting grief with prayer and struggle

OAKLAND, Calif. – Lee Hamilton wears two buttons. Standing like many other working-class guys, with hands in his jeans’ pockets, sporting a sweatshirt and baseball cap emblazoned with “Meat Cutters Union,” he wore one small United Food and Commercial Workers union button, and a big one of a handsome, blonde-haired boy.

UNITE and HERE unions announce merger

The strength of two newly-combined unions may be put to the test even before the merger process is completed, as hotel workers in nine of Los Angeles’ largest hotels face expiration of their contracts in mid-April. Employers could be seeking cuts in health care benefits.

Grad students GET-UP and strike for justice

PHILADELPHIA – Hundreds of University of Pennsylvania graduate student employees held a two-day strike Feb. 26-27 to protest the university administration’s refusal to recognize their right to join a union.

Teachers stick with union, scorn Paige attack

Workers’ Correspondence While Secretary of Education Rod Paige’s recent statement that the National Education Association is a “terrorist organization” is disturbing enough in itself, his apology issued later that same day is even more alarming.

Alabama workers defeat union busters again

Union members at Imerys in Sylacauga, Ala., reaffirmed their commitment to each other and their union, Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers Union (PACE), Jan. 21 when they defeated a management-orchestrated decertification campaign by a vote of 233-108.

Sleep- deprived women

A woman’s right to a good night’s sleep, some quiet time alone, regular vacations – these are among our goals, along with men’s right to the same, and good jobs, social equality, and security for all.

Grocery workers set example of courage

News analysis The five-month grocery strike in Southern California is over and the members have overwhelmingly ratified their new contract.

Guatemalans hail Cuban medical workers

Alfonso Portillo, Guatemala’s last president, is hardly a political ally of Fidel Castro’s, but that didn’t stop him heaping praise on Cuba’s doctors in his farewell speech in mid-January.