Labor News

San Francisco readies for Freedom Ride

SAN FRANCISCO – Bay area workers, in coalition with labor unions, immigrant and civil rights groups, have come together, like their counterparts across the country, to take part in the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride.

Labor Day 2003: A tale of two worlds

“Why do workers struggle? Because they have to,” was a favorite refrain of former Maryland AFL-CIO President and Communist Party leader George Meyers. Working families have certainly been forced to struggle for jobs, better wages and benefits, civil rights and the right to organize a union this Labor Day.

Farmworkers vow big vote vs. recall

DELANO, Calif. – Hundreds of farm workers and their families gathered at “Forty Acres,” the United Farm Worker’s (UFW) most hallowed ground, Aug. 30, and cheered as UFW President Arturo Rodriguez denounced the ultra-right attempt to recall California Gov. Gray Davis.

Yale strike ignites struggle for justice

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – As several thousand striking Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital workers picketed, rallied and sat-in, they were joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson, who likened their struggle for economic justice to the historic struggle for the right to vote in Selma, Alabama.

California labor thunders, 'No recall!'

LOS ANGELES – In a display of unity and fighting spirit, 600 union leaders from across the Golden State met at a special convention here Aug. 26 and voted unanimously to mobilize a huge vote Oct. 7 to defeat the recall of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis.

Stop the FTAA, On to Miami!

Thousands will be marching in the streets of Miami, Florida, during the week of Nov. 17-21, protesting the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). They will pour into Miami from all over the country and from all over the world. The protesters will be trade unionists, anti-globalization activists, environmentalists, family farmers, religious activists, civil and human rights activists. Thousands will come to Miami to make their voices heard at a meeting of trade ministers from around the Americas.

Steel companies slash retiree benefits

DETROIT – Thirty thousand retired steelworkers from bankrupt National Steel are seeing their worst nightmare become reality after a bankruptcy judge ruled earlier this month that they are no longer eligible for health care coverage.

Ironworkers ring doorbells against recall

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Ironworker Ray Trujillo is on a mission: to reach every union family in California and convince them to vote “no” on the recall of Gov. Gray Davis Oct. 7.

Miamians protest detention of Haitians

The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride is going to put the unfair treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers on the national agenda, said Winie Cantave, co-director of the Miami-based Unite for Dignity. According to Cantave, hundreds of Haitian refugees, including entire families with small children, have been kept in indefinite detention after being apprehended on Florida’s shores.

Cintas workers protest poverty wages

DETROIT – “We want a living wage!” shouted 100 people conducting an informational picket line and rally at the Cintas industrial laundry plant here July 31. The line included workers from the plant, members of United Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) Local 129. The Detroit facility is one of the few organized Cintas facilities in the country.

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