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Lawmakers tell Cintas: Respect workers

WASHINGTON – Cintas workers held up a banner that read, “Uniform Justice,” at a July 9 Capitol Hill news conference as lawmakers flayed the $2 billion uniform laundry firm for harassment of their workers to keep the union out.

Landslide victory for Head Start workers

Union density for Head Start workers in San Diego County reached 100 percent when 186 workers at Episcopal Community Services (ECS) Head Start recently voted 168-7 for Service Employees International Union Local 2028.

Organizing at America West

Chara, from Tucson, Ariz., sends the following report about the organizing campaign of customer service representatives (CSRs) at America West Airlines.

County votes to join Tyson boycott

MADISON, Wis. – Backed by a display of public support, arguments for solidarity won the day as the Dane County Board of Supervisors voted here July 10 to suspend its purchases of all products made by Tyson Foods. The vote was 23-9.

UAW sets national priorities

DETROIT – “The only time I’m going backward is when I’m in my car backing out of a parking spot,” said United Auto Workers President Ron Gettlefinger at a press conference at the union’s Solidarity House, June 17.

Building community the union way

How do you fight diabetes by kissing a pig? Midge Collette, the president of Amalgamated United Auto Workers Local 292 in Kokomo, Ind., knows. After the members of her union, who build auto parts at the Delphi Delco plant, raised over $7,000 for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) last February, she was awarded the honor of kissing Mr. Wiggles, a large pot-bellied beast used by the ADA for the purpose.

Day laborers fight for justice

CHICAGO – The Workers’ Center was up in two hours. The work was done July 2 by about 25 Latino immigrant day laborers who took up a collection, bought some two-by-fours and plywood, and nailed them together. They were constructing a hiring site in an abandoned city bus turnaround in the Albany Park neighborhood.

Unemployment up, Black youth hardest hit

Nothing in the June unemployment report – unemployment up 0.3 percent to 6.4 percent with 11 million workers either unemployed, forced to work part-time or too “discouraged” to look for non-existent jobs, and two million workers out of work for 27 weeks or more – is cause for celebration.

Union solidarity gets the job done!

Workers’ correspondence Creative tactics on the part of 360 workers at Johanna Foods’ Flemington, N.J., plant, overcame a “take it or leave it” proposal by company president Robert Fascina that included a new 50 percent co-pay on healthcare and meager 5 cent per hour yearly raises.

Lorenzo and Anita Torrez honored at CPUSA meeting

In an emotional program that frequently brought audience members to their feet and provoked shouts of “Si, se puede!”, Anita and Lorenzo Torrez, two participants in the historic filming of Salt of the Earth, were honored at a special session of the CPUSA’s national committee on June 28.

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