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Who was César Chavez?

Opinion “César Chávez? Oh, yeah, wasn’t he a great boxer?” This is an all too common answer to the question, “Who was César Chávez?”

Almas courage: Colombian journalist risks everything to tell the truth

“Death threats are not new for us. It is a way of life here. Every family in Colombia has come to terms with violence. Everyone in Colombia knows of a relative who has been tortured, disappeared, or killed – treated in the most grotesque ways.”

USWA threatens strike for benefits

PITTSBURGH – Steelworkers at National Steel voted April 11 to strike to save their union, pensions, and health care if a bankruptcy court voids their collective bargaining agreement and pension benefits.

Activists demand action against border vigilantes

TUSCON, Ariz. – Border residents are demanding that gun-toting vigilantes and immigrant-hunting parties operating on the Arizona-Mexico border be investigated and stopped. Violent actions by these hate groups have escalated in spite of Arizona’s anti-militia law, State Land Department Lease guidelines and countless reports of human rights abuses.

Texas workers fight cuts in public services

AUSTIN – The right wing’s drive to slash government services in Texas ran into stiff resistance when about 2,000 workers converged here April 9. They gathered to tell state leaders that Texas can’t afford cuts to the vital services provided by public agencies and their employees.

Dying to work: Humanitarian disaster on the desert

SASABE, Sonora, Mexico – The Sonoran desert has a delicate, haunting beauty. Hundreds of species of birds, cacti and lizards have adapted to survive its lack of water and brutal temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. The list of these desert-hardy species does not include human beings.

March unemployment report: More bad news

None of the numbers in the March unemployment report are good: * Official unemployment stuck in the 5.8 percent range.

Tent city set up to save hospital

LOS ANGELES – With chants of “Save Rancho” and “These cuts won’t heal,” over 150 community, labor and disabled activists, many in wheelchairs, marched in front of the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital administration building here recently demanding that Los Angeles County not close this important and specialized hospital.

Dont spend a nickel on a Mt. Olive pickle

TOLEDO, Ohio – “Don’t spend a nickel on a Mt. Olive pickle!” shouted the crowd of over 400 people as they marched down Broadway Avenue here. Students, community members, and organized labor gathered to commemorate the four-year anniversary of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s (FLOC) boycott campaign against the Mt. Olive Pickle Company.

Bush takes aim at overtime pay

Millions of American workers will be getting a shorter paycheck and a longer work week if the Bush administration’s proposed changes to Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) regulations are carried out. The new guidelines would enable employers to categorize even low-paid workers as “managers, administrators and professionals,” allowing them to avoid the obligation to pay time-and-a-half for all time worked after 40 hours in a week.

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