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Why are the airline workers smiling?

DALLAS – Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines may keep on smiling for the passengers, but they have been through a grueling contract negotiation period that has already lasted more than 18 months.

Eyewitness report Picket line drama: scab joins union

BURBANK, Calif. – Hollywood entertainment workers, all union members, joined a real-life drama when they turned out in force to support the grocery workers picket line at the Pavilions store Dec. 4, the 54th day of the strike.

Pickets cross Borders

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – “We will stay on strike until Borders [bookstores] bargains in good faith,” say striking workers affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 876 on the picket line at Borders’ number one corporate bookstore here. The workers have been on strike since Nov. 8 after 11 months of negotiations for a first contract fight with the storeowners.

A class approach to pensions

Opinion One of the proudest achievements of the U.S. labor movement, the retired worker’s monthly pension check, is in deepening trouble.

A tax added to attacks on unions

View from S. Halsted Elaine Chao, the Bush-appointed Secretary of Labor, wants to “empower and protect workers” with the new “financial disclosure” requirements her department is imposing on our unions. Thanks Elaine. The administration that has put a dagger in the heart of workplace health and safety, overseen the theft of hundreds of thousands of steelworker pensions, slashed eligibility for time and a half pay, and presided over the loss of 3 million jobs is protecting us from our unions.

Rally supports nurses against corporate predator

PHILADELPHIA – Several hundred members of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees District 1199C waved their yellow banners as they rallied along with other unionists and community people in solidarity with striking Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP) Hospital nurses here on Nov. 24.

Students rally in support of grocery strikers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Students from Santa Monica City College’s Progressive Student Alliance rallied with striking grocery workers Nov. 23 at a Pavilions market in Beverly Hills.

China unions take on organizing challenge

Organizing workers in the private sector is a new challenge to the massive Chinese trade union movement, according to Zhang Hongzun, chairman of China’s 22-million-member Educational, Scientific, Cultural, and Medical Workers Union. The outspoken advocate of workers’ right to organize spoke to the World through an interpreter during a break at the annual conference of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) in Los Angeles in August.

Colombian workers risk lives to organize unions

“Because we want peace and social justice; because we can’t let Colombia be dominated by violence; because we love life, and believe that another Colombia is possible, that another world is possible.” – Juan Carlos Galvis

Rally urges action on jobs, education

CHICAGO – Stephen Parker, 19, was shot and killed by an unknown assailant while walking through his Uptown neighborhood Nov. 20. A student at Prologue Alternative School and aspiring rapper, Parker had organized students to protest in Washington, D.C., against the Iraq war and was slated to give the valedictory address at graduation.

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