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Fleecing the family

Opinion Boy, there is no shortage of creatively terrible ideas from the Republican Party these days. Those folks are just full of notions about how to make people’s lives worse – one horrible idea after another bursting out like popcorn – and all of them with these sickeningly cute names attached to them.

May Day around the world


A legacy and a pledge

May 1 is a symbolic day of struggle and international solidarity among all the workers of the world. It is also the day I was born.

Cleveland fights for healthcare

CLEVELAND – The battle for affordable healthcare was the central theme of this year’s May Day event here, where, for the second year in a row, the Cleveland AFL-CIO officially observed this historic working-class holiday.

D.C. rallies for immigrant rights

WASHINGTON – Immigrant workers observed May Day with a Capitol Hill rally to demand that Congress grant legal residency to 8.5 million undocumented workers by passing the FREEDOM Act. They then moved downtown to a “Justice for Janitors” rally that turned into a May Day celebration of a contract victory for 4,000 custodial workers here.

Jobless rate climbs to nine-year high

EAST CHICAGO, Ill. – Bruce Gaddy is single. Tony McIntosh is married and has two children. Both live in this working-class suburb, 25 miles south of downtown Chicago. And both are unemployed: Gaddy because his plant closed, McIntosh because he was “down-sized” after working 22 years for AT&T.

Fighting mad New Yorkers work to stop doomsday budget

People are angry in New York City – and they have a right to be angry. Every day massive cuts in local and state spending appear more and more imminent.

Fighting to protect what we have

The decades’ long fight by U.S. workers for an eight-hour day began in earnest with strikes and parades on May 1, 1886, and culminated in victory more than 50 years later with enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in July 1938.

UAW: Universal health care now

DETROIT – As contract talks between 300,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) members and the Big Three automakers are set to begin in July, three pressing issues are on the minds of autoworkers: health care, pensions, and jobs.

Unions march for health care in Philly

PHILADELPHIA – A cold wind and April showers failed to dampen the spirits of Service Employees Local 36 and Healthcare and Hospital Workers Union Local 1199C and their supporters who participated in the Family March for Healthcare Reform here on April 17

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