Labor News

Shocker: Providence, R.I., officials fire all teachers

Some are calling the firing of the city's 1,296 public school teachers a "back-door" Wisconsin.


R.I. calls truce in war on teachers

Ninety-three Central Falls teachers and school professionals got their jobs back in a hard-fought agreement this month, but what it really means will not be known for a while.


Teachers’ union leader scores administration for backing mass firings

As top union leaders met yesterday, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, criticized the Obama administration for backing mass teacher firings in Rhode Island.


R.I. town becomes ground zero in war on teachers

The mass firing of nearly 100 teachers and school personnel, backed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, will be seen by many as a slap in the face to teachers, their unions and the entire labor movement.


School chief fires every teacher at town’s only high school

The school superintendent in Central Falls, R.I., says she will fire all 74 teachers at the town's only high school, after their union refused to accept her demands.