Labor News


Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians are on strike

The musicians are courageously conducting a high profile labor action; the strike is also very winnable.


Minnesota: Allina health care intransigence forces open-ended nurses strike

A veteran of many contract campaigns said the recent talks were like nothing she had ever experienced at the bargaining table.


Some 5,500 Pennsylvania college faculty set strike authorization vote

The votes come after fruitless talks with the colleges' management, who have demanded that adjunct professors at the schools take wage cuts.


Chicago teachers prepare for possible strike as students return to school

Chicagoans and union members worry about two major concerns: how the district will access more funds, and how equitably those funds will be spent.


Southern California: 47,000 grocery workers prepare to strike

At a rally in front of a Vons and a Ralphs market, UFCW members carried a sign summing up their position: "Grocery jobs should feed a family."


Striking Walmart workers in China contact U.S. Walmart activists

"We are going to stand our ground," Zhang Liya, a founding member of the workers' network, told the Chinese labor paper.


Strike! Nearly 1,000 Trump Taj Mahal workers walk-off job

Nearly 1,000 cooks, housekeepers, bellmen and servers from Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J., walked off the job today for a livable wage.


Week-long Minnesota nurses strike part of forced walkout in three states

Hospital chains demand that its nurses virtually give up their health insurance; patient safety and quality of patient care are also top issues.


Wage theft, labor law-breaking force L.A. port truckers into another strike

Can you imagine working five weeks in a row and earning nothing?


Labor board puts new limits on when employers may permanently replace strikers

Employers must now prove to the NLRB that they aren't replacing striking workers for illegal reasons.

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