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Angry about AIG? Here's how you can do something about it

By now you heard that AIG is handing out massive bonus checks to some of its employees, the same ones that brought the company to the point of needing a bailout in the first place. Clearly you know that all this money -- the bailout flow -- is coming from us, taxpayer dollars. With that amount of money mismanaged over and over again, folks are outraged. What do they think, money grows on trees?

Global labors forgotten plan to fight the Great Depression

In the early 1930s, as global unemployment tripled in two years and the world plunged into the Great Depression, the world’s labor movements developed a program for fighting the global crisis through international public works. It’s a little-known historical might-have-been that could have helped halt the Great Depression, the rise of Adolph Hitler, and the Second World War. And, as the efforts of world leaders to address today’s “Great Recession” threaten to break down in nationalist rivalry and petty political bickering, it bears lessons – and perhaps an alternative vision – for today.

Contracts cant be brokenunless they involve union workers

Contracts can’t be broken. We learned that lesson well over the past few days when AIG honchos swore that despite being bailed out by $173 billion in taxpayer funds, they couldn’t break the sacrosanct contractual bond that guaranteed billions in bonuses to the same top executives who brought the insurance giant to its knees.

The fight for the EFCA in the land of Wal-Mart

In the battle surrounding the Employee Free Choice Act, legislators from one Southern state could make all the difference.

Stimulus creates opportunities for unions in the new clean-energy economy

ST. PAUL - President Barack Obama last month signed into law a $787 billion economic stimulus package that invests heavily in sweeping clean-energy and energy-efficiency programs. Proponents of the stimulus, including labor unions, say the investments will create the middle class jobs – the so-called “green jobs” – necessary to rally a slumping economy.

Ohio city backs pension fight: proud to stand with steelworkers

CANTON, Ohio — The City Council in this steel town last week, in a chamber packed with men and women in union caps and jackets, unanimously passed a resolution supporting the steelworkers’ fight to regain their pensions, stolen during the Bush regime.


UPDATED: RI workers found their factory doors locked, now demand justice

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Workers who were locked out of their jobs at a local factory two months ago are demanding, “Pay us what you owe us.”

Join the petition drive for a national Cesar E. Chavez holiday!

As UFW Founder Cesar Chavez’ March 31st birthday approaches—an official holiday in eight states and dozens of cities and communities throughout the nation—we want to ask for your support in making Cesar’s March 31st birthday a national holiday.

Pick the scabs

Imagine opening up the paper before going to work in the morning, and seeing your job boldly advertised in a half-page color ad by your employers! To add insult to injury, your job will apparently provide your replacement with ‘excellent wages and benefits’!

Anti-union bullying by the numbers

Media coverage of the Employee Free Choice Act has so far focused mostly on the provision allowing workers to choose whether to hold a union election by secret ballot -- the only option now available under law -- or by simply signing union cards. But that's not the only change EFCA would make to U.S. labor law: It would also provide for mandatory injunctions against companies for unfair labor practices during union election campaigns.

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