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NYC transit union moves to defeat Bloomberg

NEW YORK—The rapidly fading myth that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would sail to an easy victory, due to his ability to spend tens of millions of dollars to drown out the voices of his opponents, was shattered as the city’s powerful Transport Workers Union Local 100 gave a ringing endorsement to Democratic mayoral candidate, city Comptroller Bill Thompson.

Labor issues call for a new New Deal

The executive council of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor federation, called for a massive second economic stimulus package yesterday, modeled after FDR’s Works Progress Administration, noting that the agency put 3.5 million people to work in 1935 alone. The council, after a one-day meeting yesterday in Silver Springs, Md., declared:

Working families rally for public option

Health Care For America Now, a coalition including unions, rallied in Seattle Tuesday to support health care reform with a public option. Zels Bryan Johnson was there.

Minneapolis author bringing 1934 Teamsters strike to life

ST. PAUL - After “Bloody Friday,” in 1934, when Minneapolis police brutalized about 60 striking truck drivers, an old woman drove up to the strike’s headquarters in a truck filled with supplies. It must have been a comical sight — when she opened the car door the truck drivers could see that she was sitting on pillows and had tied wooden blocks to her feet in order to reach the pedals. The striking Teamsters immediately made the old woman head of the hospital visitation division of the women’s auxiliary.

New Orleans day laborers want wage theft criminalized

Post-Katrina New Orleans has become the center of a national effort to protect migrant day laborers from wage theft.

Contract arbitration: Critical to workers freedom to bargain

One of the critical provisions of the Employee Free Choice Act would guarantee that workers who form a union get a fair first contract.

Pride, anger mix as Chrysler workers watch plants shut down

FENTON, Mo. — As the crowd swells and hundreds of UAW members line the entrance to the Chrysler North and South Assembly plants here today, I can’t help but think of my grandfather. He gave over 30 years to Chrysler.

Done crying, today shell even smile minimum wage & one moms story

MERIDEN, Kan. — Celeste Henderson is a living, breathing mom who is in the news today, but only as a statistic. She’s one of the millions of American low-wage workers directly affected by Friday’s hike in the national minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour.

Please come to Pittsburgh

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe, at times, that’s true. This is about what is going to happen in another city, however — the home of the Pirates, Steeltown, USA, — the city of Pittsburgh. Consider this an invitation to come with us to that city this September to help launch something that will definitely not stay in Pittsburgh.

Media on card check Wrong or just missing the point?

Just days after the New York Times and other media outlets reported recently that a group of senators “dropped” the majority sign-up provision of the Employee Free Choice Act, the Service Employees International Union responded with an online petition campaign demanding that both houses of Congress schedule an up or down vote on the provision, either as part of the EFCA or by itself.

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