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AFL-CIO backs reunification talks with Change to Win

MIAMI - (PAI) An AFL-CIO statement has given the green light to ongoing talks designed to reunify the nation’s competing union federations. As approved by the AFL-CIO Executive Council in Miami Wednesday, the statement says “now is the time to bring the union movement back together.”

Biden tells labor leaders Employee Free Choice Act is a must

MIAMI — Vice President Biden told the nation’s labor leaders here that passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is “the only way to restore what was the basic bargain in this country – in exchange for their productivity, and for being the spine of our economy, the workers get a piece of the action.” The presidents of 56 unions and several hundred others present rose to their feet in applause. They were gathered here March 5 on the closing day of the AFL-CIO’s executive council meeting.

Pro-union workers fired in over one-fourth of union election campaigns

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than one-fourth of all union-representation elections in the 2000s have been marred by an illegal firing of a pro-union worker, according to a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

Remember the working class roots of International Women's Day

As March 8 quickly approaches, it is a good time for working women to take a moment to remember the historical roots of International Women’s Day and take stock of our current conditions as working-class and other marginalized women under the current economic crisis.

One-third of Americans went without health care in past 2 years

Nearly 87 million people—more than one-third all Americans under age 65—were without health insurance for at least part of the past two years. Most of the uninsured came from working families.

Union members -- making change from bottom up

MIAMI — “Change made from the bottom up” is being proven in life here by members of the 12-million-strong AFL-CIO labor federation. Even as an economic tsunami threatens to engulf America’s workers, the union movement is organizing for immediate and far-reaching relief for communities and families.

Employee Free Choice on the move

Thanks to a strong pro-worker majority in Congress, the support of President Obama and a unified movement of union members and grassroots allies, the Employee Free Choice Act is closer to becoming a reality than ever.

New Labor Dept. head pledges to work for workers (for a change)

MIAMI — Hector Capote, a Cuban immigrant, told the nation’s new secretary of labor and the crowd that packed the African-Methodist Episcopal Church here March 2 that after 14 years of dead-end jobs, “many of them off the books, off the clock, and with no pay,” he finally has a good union job.

UPDATE: Employee Free Choice Act to be introduced in Congress today

As reported last week from the Los Angeles labor federation, the Employee Free Choice Act is being introduced today.

Sea fishing 'the most dangerous job in the world'

A UN agency reported on Monday that fishing at sea is the most dangerous job in the world.

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