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Hard-hit Gary stops garbage pickup

GARY, Ind. – In another sign of the economic crisis hitting working class cities around the country, angry residents and laid off city workers rallied in front of this city’s new General Services building. The crowd brought uncollected garbage and dumped it in front of the building sign. This was only the second day of a stop in the collection of household waste here.

Calif. labor backs public option health care bill

The California Labor Federation, the largest state labor federation in the country, gave its unconditional support to the bill now before the House of Representatives extending affordable quality health care to the uninsured, including a strong public option.

House leaders unveil sweeping health care plan

House leaders today announced their plan for a sweeping health care reform bill and the House Ways and Means Committee announced that it will vote on the proposal this Thursday.

Obama moves will allow NLRB to function as intended

An article in the Peoples Weekly World earlier this year explained that the National Labor Relations Board had put a freeze on consideration of all contested cases because of a ruling by a right-wing federal judge.

Main source of their income was us Colibri workers continue struggle

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — David Correia and Alda Bonin were among a crowd of workers who jammed a tiny courtroom here last week, pressing a six-month struggle for pay and benefits they say are owed them.

Labor leaders push people's agenda at White House meeting

The nation’s top union leaders were at the White House yesterday pushing for a second stimulus package, a strong public option in the health care reform bill, and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Service workers hungry themselves, fight to feed kids

Food service workers are in Washington to demand improvement of the 63-year-old School Lunch Program that feeds 30 million children every day. “A lot of these kids are not getting breakfast in the morning and are coming to school hungry,” said Tracey Jones, an Aramark worker at Berger Elementary School in Dolton, Ill. “I’m looking at the child’s face and thinking ‘I can’t feed you.’ But how can I not help a hungry child?


Building labor solidarity with the Honduran people

Dan Kovalik, United Steelworkers Union (USW) associate general counsel, just returned Friday from a four day trip to Honduras. He went with a delegation of seven people to get a firsthand look at the situation facing the country after the military coup that ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. The Steelworkers union and the global union that it helped organize, Workers Uniting, and the AFL-CIO, all have condemned the military coup. All have called for the restoration of democracy and the immediate return of Manuel Zelaya to the presidency.

Obama reported firm in his support for EFCA

A top aide to one of the union leaders present at a White House meeting with President Obama today said the president remains firmly committed to passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, the bill that would make it easier to unionize.

Union leaders meet with Obama

Union presidents are meeting with President Obama in the White House today where they are discussing the urgent need for health care reform with a public option, according to Gregory King, special assistant to Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

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