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Emotions high as Cleveland lays off teachers, school staff

CLEVELAND - Another land mine left by Wall Street's assault on American communities exploded here Tuesday night when the school board voted to lay off nearly 10 percent of its employees.


Florida gov. vetoes anti-teacher bill

After massive protests by teachers, parents and other public school advocates, Florida's Republican Gov. Charlie Crist defied members of his own party by vetoing  legislation that would have eliminated tenure for teachers and gutted community-based input into public education.


If Daddy doesn’t have a job what am I supposed to do?

DETROIT - Sedrick Staten's livelihood is being threatened by privatization efforts of the city schools' emergency financial manager.


New Chicago trend: charter school teachers unionize

One hundred teachers at four Chicago charter schools filed for union recognition March 19, joining 123 others who won their first contract last year.


Labor leaders express anger at Obama administration

In a closed-door meeting, union leaders expressed anger and frustration over what they say is the administration's lack of bold action on jobs, health care and labor law reform, and its support of mass firings of teachers.


Teachers’ union leader scores administration for backing mass firings

As top union leaders met yesterday, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, criticized the Obama administration for backing mass teacher firings in Rhode Island.


R.I. town becomes ground zero in war on teachers

The mass firing of nearly 100 teachers and school personnel, backed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, will be seen by many as a slap in the face to teachers, their unions and the entire labor movement.


School chief fires every teacher at town’s only high school

The school superintendent in Central Falls, R.I., says she will fire all 74 teachers at the town's only high school, after their union refused to accept her demands.


AFL-CIO launches online college

 AFL-CIO is joining the National Labor College and the Princeton Review to launch an online College for Working Families.


Wisconsin set to teach labor history

Shouldn't it be natural for public schools to put front and center labor history?

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