Labor News


“Fast for Fair Food” ends with 1,000 marching

More than 1,000 farm workers and their allies solemnly marched three miles to the corporate headquarter of the grocery store giant Publix.


Youth spirit sparks Asian American labor meet

APALA's  largest convention ever celebrated outstanding achievements in the fight to stop wage theft and to uphold the rights of immigrant and low-wage workers, and looked ahead to the continuing struggle for good jobs and labor rights for all workers and for a just immigration policy.


Farmworkers fight for rights in the tobacco fields

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Nine migrant farmworkers have died in fields across the state from heat stroke, and others suffer from nicotine poisoning and exposure to deadly chemicals.


Bush officials orchestrated company’s attacks on Indian “guest workers”

Bush administration agencies instructed a major corporation on how to harass and deport hundreds of Indian "guest workers" who were protesting their working conditions, newly released documents show.


Asian Pacific American worker hearing hailed as labor milestone

The first-ever National Asian Pacific American Workers' Rights Hearing was an emotional event for Asian Pacific trade unionists.

Labor mounts drive to count every Latino

The labor movement is adding careful counting of every single Spanish speaking person in the United States to the long list of things it already does above and beyond its traditional role of representing workers on the job.

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