Labor News


Calif. grocery workers approve new contract with raises, retirement protections, improved scheduling

"This contract is a victory for our members, and secures their wages, retirement security, and control over their schedules."


Actors union lines up political support for Telemundo organizing drive

NBC-Universal owns Telemundo, but the unorganized actors don't get residuals or health care, guaranteed wage minimums or meal breaks. 


Sofitel hotel workers in L.A. invisible no more

Workers at the tony Sofitel in Beverly Hills are fed up with rampant wage theft, sexual harassment, and unsafe conditions.


At a critical moment, labor’s cause is racial, economic justice

"The names, the hashtags represent real people in our very own community; they have jobs; they work alongside us; they have families; they were our high school classmates."


100,000 working people to go door-to-door to defeat Trump

"When working people speak with a loud and strong voice, pro-worker candidates win."


U.S. unions, lawmakers protest Rousseff overthrow in Brazil

 "What we're seeing in Brazil is a power-grab by politicians who weren't able to win at the ballot box."


Unemployment would be 6.2 percent if it included discouraged jobseekers

Governments never hired back all the workers they fired in the Great Recession, and there's been a resulting drag on the current recovery. 


OSHA hits poultry producer Pilgrim’s Pride, UFCW calls “medical malfeasance”

Pilgrim's Pride "did not furnish a place of employment free from the recognized hazards likely to cause or serious physical harm" to workers.


New Jersey public pensions battle goes down to the wire

The pension battle began several years ago when Christie claimed the state not only wouldn't pay its part of the pensions, but couldn't afford to do so.


UFCW: Tentative deal reached with Ralphs and Vons/Albertsons

"We are happy to say that the corporate owners of Ralphs and Vons/Albertsons have agreed to a proposed contract."

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