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Ending America's labor pains

President Barack Obama is exceeding the modest expectations that some of us had for him. His appointment of Hilda Solis as secretary of labour marks the end of three decades of unbridled union-bashing, which saw the degree of unionisation in the American labour force plummet. She is an explicit supporter of unions – a far cry from Ronald Reagan's having the PATCO organisers led away in shackles.

Bidens Middle Class Task Force hears need for good green jobs

Green jobs can be a pathway to middle class for millions of Americans, but only if we ensure they come with good wages and benefits, union and environmental leaders told a White House panel.


Photo essay: Migrants toil to put food on our tables

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Guillermina Arzola, a Mixtec immigrant from San Sebastian del Monte in Oaxaca, Mexico, works in a crew of indigenous Mixtec and Zapotec farmworkers from Oaxaca and Guerrero, Mexico, picking strawberries here.


Struggling workers, Biden and Solis to be part of AFL-CIO gathering

MIAMI — Hilda Solis, the former Latina congresswoman from East Los Angeles and now the U.S. Secretary of Labor, south Florida workers reeling from the tanking economy, and national labor leaders will kick off a four day meeting of the AFL-CIO executive council March 2 in a Miami church. Solis will hear from workers about how the “Bush crash” has hurt them and she will take their suggestions about what needs to be done.

One womans battle: Why a nation changed course

EFFINGHAM, Ill. — Gail Warner, 39, lives in her southern Illinois “dream house,” a few miles from here. Her husband is a loan officer at a local bank. Her son, who will turn 15 in June, is a high school freshman and her daughter, 3, has been through nine surgeries to correct a birth defect.

After eight years of Bush, can OSHA be fixed?

The Bush administration left a lot of wreckage in its wake. The crumbling economy, the home foreclosure crisis and a broken health care system are getting most of the recent headlines and calls for immediate repair.

Plymouth foundry workers trying to survive four months of being locked out

DULUTH - When Nick Hill decided to come to Duluth to talk to the Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body about his union being locked out for four months at Progress Casting Group’s foundry in Plymouth, he was amazed at what he found out when he visited Bruce Lotti in USW Local 1028’s office.

Leading economists: Employee Free Choice key to rebuilding economy

In a statement delivered today to Capitol Hill and published as a full-page advertisement in The Washington Post, more than three dozen of the nation’s top economists call on Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act to help restore an economy that works for everyone, built on a sustainable, wage-based growth.

Six Chicago schools spared closing, fight continues

CHICAGO – Local grassroots efforts by parents, teachers, students and community supporters here has paid off, for now, after Chicago Public Schools Chief Ron Huberman announced that six schools will be spared from a list of 22 schools the Board of Education is expected to close or reorganize.


The extraordinary life of Marvel Cooke

At the intersection of African American History and Women's History months is a long list of Black women who have made history as civil rights, labor and peace activists, educators, scientists, elected officials, physicians, astronauts, artists and much more.

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