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Victory! France scraps anti-labor law

French President Jacques Chirac bowed April 10 to the pressure of millions of students and workers marching across France and withdrew a hated law granting employers the right to fire a young worker at will for up to two years after he or she is hired.

Injuries lead nurses to quit. Union launches drive for state regs

Saying huge numbers of on-the-job injuries from lifting and turning patients causes ever-increasing legions of nurses to quit, American Federation of Teachers’ nurses division launched a drive for state legislation mandating that hospitals install devices to help cut the injury toll — since the institutions won’t install them voluntarily.

Labor law reform in France

More than a million people in France have taken to the streets against their conservative government’s attempts to change the country’s labor law.

Sago survivor home, mine safety battle continues

PITTSBURGH — Randall McCloy, 26, thin and weak, sat inside his Simpson, W.Va., home with his wife and two children for the first time in two months. McCloy survived the worst West Virginia mining disaster in 40 years. His recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning following the Jan. 2 explosion at International Coal Group’s Sago Mine will take months.

1911 fire shows perils of no regulation

It has become fashionable in certain circles to say that unions and government regulations are unnecessary nuisances, sand in the gears of the economy. The invisible hand of capitalism would take care of all our problems, if we would just let it alone.


Colombia: repression and resistance

In response to a comment about the beauty of Colombia, 7-year-old Daniela said, “Yes, but it is so violent.” Daniela should know. She has seen the violence up close. Her father, a left-wing city council member, was murdered by right-wing paramilitaries when he answered the door to their home one day.

Transit union fights binding arbitration

NEW YORK — Transport Workers Union Local 100, which represents this city’s bus and subway workers, has been ordered by a state agency into binding arbitration with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but the union plans to fight the order.

Nationwide strike rocks Greece

ATHENS, Greece — Several months of intensified trade union activity in Greece culminated in a nationwide strike March 15 where thousands upon thousands of working people, the unemployed, university and high school students and pensioners flooded the streets in more than 60 cities in a defiant stand against the repressive, anti-worker measures of the Greek government and the European Union.

Massive strike in France against jobs law

PARIS (AP) — At least 1 million of protesters poured onto France’s streets and absent workers hobbled transport services March 28 in the first nationwide strike against a new labor law for youths, increasing pressure on the embattled prime minister to withdraw the contested measure.

How the corporate right lies about union corruption

Ah, the corporate right has launched a new anti-labor front group called, dealing in dark tales of union corruption. Of course, you can judge the likely accuracy of the site by the fact that its been set up by the professional lobbyist who helped found the Beverage Institute, the nice folks who tell the public soda pop has no role in childhood obesity and that Mothers Against Drunk Driving are radical ideologues.

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