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Voters back union rights

On Nov. 4 voters rejected an anti-union big business campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act and elected candidates who support the bill. The labor law reform measure is at the top of the unions’ post-election agenda.

Eight pro-worker changes may be coming

Post-election statements issued by the nation’s major labor federations, union press conferences, the Senate record of President-elect Barack Obama and bigger Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, taken together, indicate that in the coming period the labor movement is on the verge of winning as many as eight major legislative changes.


Will work for bailout

Gun owners for Obama? Yes, if they had a union card

Union voters were critical in President-elect Obama’s victory, providing a crucial bloc of support in swing states that helped him win big, election night polling released Nov. 5 by the AFL-CIO showed. In their announcement of the results, union leaders promised to continue their largest-ever election mobilization to push for broad support of Obama’s program for economic reform.

Guild workers demand fair deal from Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND – Over 100 members of the Newspaper Guild Local 1 held a brief rally and picketed the Plain Dealer Oct. 30 to protest an anti-union buyout offer in an ongoing downsizing of the city’s only daily.

Author, activist Studs Terkel dies at 96

CHICAGO (AP) — Studs Terkel captured the essence of Chicago in the pages of his best-selling oral histories, chronicling common people and celebrities alike.


Health workers strike for safe staffing, job security

OAKLAND, Calif. — Bright purple tee-shirts filled the plaza at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center here Oct. 29, as striking health care workers gathered to demand the highly profitable company improve staffing levels, stop contracting work out and drop proposed takeaways in the contract they have been negotiating since May.

Ohio union leader walks Road to Recovery

BARBERTON, Ohio — “No blisters yet, but I’ve got a darned shin splint,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Joe Rugola as he walked into this rustbelt city near Akron last week. “The wonderful folks I’ve met on this walk have kept me so up, emotionally, that I don’t even feel it any more.”


Today we vote, tomorrow we march

LOS ANGELES — “When we elect Barack — knock on wood — we will have someone who responds to labor, to people’s needs, the plight of immigrants. But he can’t win change alone. It will take a larger movement,” said Maria Elena Durazo, leader of the 840,000-member Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Obama ground game surges in Western Pa.

With time running out, John McCain floundered against surging voter support for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania and other battleground states that could determine who wins the presidency Nov. 4.

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